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believing myself to be tumbling in rolling,
white wash but feeling nothing. I was stuck
in a weightless void. I couldn't find the surface.

health. Our hope is to connect people to the
purpose and quality that life inherently holds;
a purpose and quality that may change over
time, but that can be sustained through a
lifetime. One of our central themes is that
movement, by its very nature, is essential to
this. It could even be reasonably argued that
movement is essential to a full expression of
nearly every element of our lives-spiritual,
relational, vocational, recreational.

The Joy and Privilege of Movement
My son, watching this from 20 yards away,
later described that after I recovered from the
crash, I oddly slid from my board, turning
face down on the surface of now calm waters.
My arms and legs thrashing without evident
purpose until I suddenly stood. We later conAs people gain and maintain strength and
firmed what I had suspected. The impact on efficiency in movement, they are granted
the water's surface ruptured my eardrum and freedom to explore new life experiences- in
as cold water rushed into my middle ear, an other words, freedom to 'aspire.' But one of the
intense reflex of severe vertigo was stimulated. greatest challenges individuals face is the lack
Within seconds I had transitioned from graceful of inspiration to pursue those visions. There
and thrilling movement across magnificent, is a wise saying, often quoted in business that,
rolling waters, to what seemed to be a tomb "A vision without action is merely a daydream."
of chaos. Practically speaking, I couldn't move!
So, how does an aspiration become a reality?
I have always felt joy in movement... as It was Thomas Jefferson who said, "If you want
a child it was running through the woods, something that you have never had, you must
swimming in ponds and pools, climbing rocks be willing to do something you have never
and trees, homemade bike jumps, wrestling and done." It is inspiration then that brings life
backyard games. As an adult...well, it looks to an aspiration by answering "YES!" to the
pretty much the same with only a slight tic in question, "are you willing?" Bear in mind that
maturity. I especially love these expressions in in every decision you make you are saying 'yes'
the context of relationship; a shared moment. to something, and no to something else. The
To this day I have retained that childish impulse question is then, to what will you say yes?
to turn to someone and say, "Did you see You will always do the thing that you most
that!" Or to celebrate the accomplishment of want to do.
another... especially if it's a new experience
So, the pursuit of an aspiration requires
for them. I love to see people discover the joy an inspiration that supersedes the myriad of
and freedom of movement.
compulsions that seek to interrupt your worthy

your inspiration and take action. The path to
the goal is rarely a straight line but inspiration
will, over time, ensure an upward trajectory
until your aspirations are fulfilled.
Choosing to Live Well
As I'm sure we can all attest, inspiration
can be a bit complicated and finicky. This is
specifically because inspiration will always be
connected to the very complicated questions
surrounding every individual's personal sense
of value and purpose. These are our 'core
beliefs.' Why am I here? Do I matter? Who or
what am I? What brings me real joy? These are
essential questions worth considering as you
examine your life.
Though the answers to these complex questions will vary among individuals, we are all
deeply relational and it is clear that inspiration
is best found and maintained in community.
It was speaker and author Steve Maraboli who
said, "When you are living the best version
of yourself, you inspire others to live the best
version of themselves." Inversely, we have often
communicated to our patients that, "When
you surround yourself with people living the
best version of themselves, you are inspired to
live the best version of yourself."

Choose to live and to live well. Get moving
and keep moving one step at a time, and discover
what it is to joyfully aspire. Reach deep, be
honest, find and embrace your inspirations.
Surround yourself with other finicky, inspirapursuit. If your pursuit is sincere, then these tional people. You will no doubt face hardship,
moments will be experienced as temptations, disappointment, and setbacks. Acknowledge
options that seek to draw you off course. The them, take responsibility for them and press
choice is yours, however. We must be honest on with new and wiser resolve. And though
with ourselves as to what we want most, aspirations can appear ominous and out of
no excuses, just honest confession. If you reach, I encourage you to heed the words of
habitually choose the immediate, distracting Edmund Hillary, the first person to summit Mt.
pleasure, it is likely that your aspiration is a day- Everest, "It is not the mountain we conquer,
dream...'would be nice but...no, not willing.' but ourselves."

My close call in the ocean was a stark
reminder of how vulnerable we are. It was
also a reminder of how precious movement
is. Movement is life, movement is freedom.
Many things can tragically steal our ability to
move; some are uninvited from birth, while
others are imposed upon us through illness
or injury. It is largely true, however, that the
greatest thief comes from within ourselves; the
cumulative effect of our daily decisions that set
But it is also true that you will likely stumble
us on a path of decline. "Sucks to get old" is on occasion, even if your aspiration is sincere.
our accepted refrain.
The difference is that you are not permanently
derailed if you choose the temporary pleasure
Our Vision to Help Others 'Aspire'
in an uninspired moment. You can redirect
Dr. Rich Rayner and I founded our multi- and recommit your heart, body and mind,
faceted medical practice, aptly named Aspire, recognizing that the temptation did not fulfill
with a purpose to inspire individuals to ASPIRE its promise of lasting satisfaction. In these
to better physical, emotional and spiritual moments you must call upon the source of

Dr. David White is a board-certified emergency
medicine provider and director of urgent care services at
AspireCARE, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Having
worked a full range of settings, from urban to remote rural
to austere combat, Dr. White is acutely attuned to serving
a mixed cultural and socio-economic demographic where
he focuses on providing patients with complete health care
designed to heal the whole individual. He can be reached
at dwhite@aspirebetter.com.

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