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Alison Dempsey, a fourth-year medical student, has created the Student Spotlight to feature medical students and residents with
passions outside of medicine. If you know of any medical students or residents who would like to share their stories, please feel free to
send nominations to adempsey1@pennstatehealth.psu.edu.

regularly at the LGBTQ+ Center of Central PA in Harrisburg, PA.
They became extremely passionate about transgender healthcare and
rights, realizing that transgender healthcare was possibly what they
would want to pursue in the future.
With new connections and leadership roles, Corey quickly began
implementing changes throughout HMC. Corey is working with
facilities to change signs on bathrooms and create more gender inclusive
spaces. They designed educational materials for healthcare professionals
throughout the hospital to understand respectful use of pronouns and
how to interact with individuals in the LGBTQ+ community within
medicine. As part of this pronoun campaign, Corey designed and
distributed pronoun pins for staff and students within the hospital to
wear. Within the medical school, Corey worked with fellow student
Tyler Bruinsma, a current second-year medical student, to develop a
seminar on unique needs in obtaining a medical history and physical
for patients within the LGBTQ+ community. The seminar was initially
created for just medical students, but was recently opened to everyone
in the hospital, from administrators to physicians.

Corey A. Kronman

2nd-year MD/PhD candidate

Corey A. Kronman is a 2nd-year MD/PhD candidate. Born on
Long Island, in Manorville, NY, they have lived all over the globe,
spending the most time in Boston, and most recently, in Palo Alto,
California where Corey was a clinical research coordinator in the
Biobehavioral Pediatric Pain Lab at Stanford University. After living
in big cities throughout the country, Corey was nervous to come to
a small town. As someone who identifies as transgender non-binary,
Corey wanted to make sure the community was one in which they
could be proud of who they were.
As soon as Corey arrived in Hershey, they immersed themselves in
creating an inclusive community. They started by attending Penn State
College of Medicine Pride meetings in Hershey. They participated
in many events, ultimately becoming President of the group. The
leadership role allowed them to meet queer mentors in and around
Hershey, and helped to connect them to people in the hospital system.
They became involved in the Sexual and Gender Minority group
at Hershey Medical Center (HMC) and started attending events
30 Winter 2020 Central PA Medicine

As Corey continues to create a more inclusive environment within
HMC, they are working on expanding projects within the Hershey
community and on a national scale. Within Hershey, Corey and the
Penn State College of Medicine Pride group have started a high-school
pipeline program for local LGBTQ+ youth. The program is the
first in the country, created to encourage education about LGBTQ+
healthcare and the role of the LGBTQ+ community in medicine.
On a larger scale, Corey sits as the Director of External Affairs on
the national board of the Medical Student Pride Alliance, which is
"an activist and social organization committed to empowering sexual
and gender minority medical students and allies." In a collaborative
project with the LGBTQ+ Visibility Project, Corey recently recorded
a video, calling for others across the world to share their experiences as
transgender patients and providers. The project, called "Transitioning
Healthcare," aims to bring attention to the need for a more integrated
and comprehensive education on how to better care for the transgender
population in healthcare. Recently, Corey was nominated by one of
their mentors to serve on the President's Commission on LGBTQ
Equity at Penn State, and is eagerly awaiting to see if they were chosen
for this privilege. Corey is excited for what the future holds and will
continue to work hard to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive community.


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