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uch of the time, we eat for sustenance.  The main
reason to eat your breakfast cereal, with milk and a
handful of strawberries, is to give you some morning
fuel as you rush out the door.  But, some nights when
work is done, we can add a little pleasure to our eating.  Intense
flavors, offbeat spices, fresh ingredients that just arrived from
the farm or the sea.  Meals can also be more fun when they offer
contrasts...simultaneously sweet and salty, smooth and coarse
textures, heat next to cold.  

You can find all of these at Little Bird Craft Kitchen, the
newest venture of Chef Kurt Wewer, formerly of Garlic Poet. 
Little Bird is located at the Hampden Center in the former site
of Red Sky Café, and adjoins the hopping Ever Grain Brewing
Company.  The menu is diverse, seasonal and inventive.  Local
Pennsylvania ingredients, oft-times unusual in nature, are
morphed into dishes pleasing to both the mouth and the eye.
Like its predecessor, Garlic Poet, cocktails include unique flavors,
making it a good opportunity to skip your usual boring martini. 
The Beast of Burden, with Lebanon vodka, lime, ginger beer,
house-made aromatic bitters, and fennel frond, was refreshing
in the idyllic courtyard setting.  The Tellisberry Smash contains
Lancaster black pepper rye, muddled strawberries, lemon juice,
agave and basil.  Eight Central PA wines, and beers from the
huge tanks next door at Ever Grain, were also on the menu.
Brewery snacks include fried homemade kimchi, maple/
scallion hush puppies, and sweet potato hummus.  Pizzas, meant
to pass around with other morsels, include prosciutto/charred
onion puree/poached egg/arugula, locally foraged mushrooms
with cheese curd and pickled shallots,  and Caputo ricotta/kale/
spring greens/pistachio/Granny Smith apple.

Desserts change regularly.  We were lucky to be able to pass around
an intensely flavored Orange Blueberry Crème Brulee, and peach ice
Small plates, salads, and lighter hand-held entrees were des- cream sundae with mulberry sauce and sugary puff pastry.
tined to be shared and sampled.  Venison meatballs, seasoned
with an Egyptian spice, were artfully presented with goat's milk
The Sunday Funday Brunch is served from 11am-4pm.  Featured
ricotta, gouda, and fried green papaya.  A quinoa bowl with delicacies include a strawberry maple rum waffle, berry cheesecake
seven veggies, calamari with fig marmalade, a cauliflower steak French toast, poutine, and a sweet potato/bean latke sandwich with
topped with chimichurri, and kimchi tacos continue the chef 's cashew mozzarella and avocado.
modus operandi of multiple ingredients and colors per plate. 
The soup of the day, a creamy chicken and cauliflower bisque,
Judging by the size of the crowd on a warm summer evening, it
was incredible.  The birthday celebrant at our table enjoyed his looks like people have quickly discovered the creative and multi-facWagyu beef burger with wallaby cheese and red wine ketchup eted menu at newly-opened Little Bird.
on a seeded brioche.
Seafood from Kepler's is ever-changing, and was enjoyed in
our evening via sea scallops atop smoked trout cream sauce with
citrus grilled asparagus.  Steaks also vary from week to week, cut
in house and not always beef.  Za'atar grilled chicken was done
with a flaky biscuit and kale/pistachio slaw.  My Prince Edward
Island mussels were delectable, in a pomegranate-lulu-lemon broth.

4444 Carlisle Pike, Camp Hill

Central PA Medicine Summer 2018 31


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