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CCBA Feature
By Alisa M. Jones, MPH
President and CEO,
La Comunidad Hispana

LCH Provides Legal Services
to OUR Community


n the current political environment, many of the families
served by La Comunidad Hispana (LCH) need support to
handle the stress and anxiety of potential separation. Since
2010, LCH has had a legal program that helps provide legal
advice and referrals to our clients. Now more than ever, this
service is important to ensure that vulnerable individuals in
our community have access to accurate information
and resources.
LCH has a long history of assisting immigrants from many
nations with health and social services, and is a trusted
resources in southern Chester County. We operate from a
main facility in Kennett Square, with a smaller Oxford Health
Center, and a Dental Center in Kennett. Our legal program
has helped our clients with a wide range of concerns, including
family law matters, employment issues, and landlord/tenant
disputes, and typically assists more than 250 individuals
each year.

14 | New Matter

In recent years, LCH has helped clients with immigration
issues, such as helping victims of crimes to acquire visas,
helping a terminally ill patient arrange for guardianship of her
child, and helping eligible minors apply for DACA (Deferred
Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as the "Dreamers"
program). LCH has also assisted with custody arrangements
for refugee children. Villanova University School of Law's
Farm Workers Legal Aid Clinic (FLAC) has collaborated often
with LCH to prepare DACA applications. Shane O'Holloran,
a recent Villanova Law School graduate who took part in
the FLAC program, notes, "I'm so glad I was able to help
some folks at LCH! I consider the DACA work to be the
most meaningful of my law career, and I appreciate LCH's
encouragement along the way."
Other local attorneys have donated their time to provide
pro bono assistance to LCH clients from time to time. CCBA
member Edith Chew, Esq., of West Chester says, "LCH is a


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