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to achieve important life goals and maintain
economic security."

wonderful agency. They are organized, efficient, friendly, and
above all, compassionate. When their legal program attorney
calls and asks me for help, I always say yes, because I find it
so gratifying to assist their clients, who are among the most
vulnerable residents in the county."
LCH's President and CEO Alisa Jones notes, "Legal services
provided by high quality lawyers and legal students make
all the difference in the lives of our clients. Legal advice and
services help individuals and families to understand their
rights and responsibilities. It helps set them on the right path

LCH is a bilingual, bicultural nonprofit organization,
founded in 1973 to provide social services to immigrant
workers in southern Chester County's mushroom industry.
Since that time, we have evolved into a multiservice health
center and social services agency, offering high-quality
health care, social services, and adult education to more than
6,000 individuals each year. Our professional staff includes
physicians, certified registered nurse practitioners (CRNPs),
registered nurses, a staff dentist, and a part-time staff attorney.
In addition, our in-house, fully bilingual behavior health
professionals are there to assist families dealing with anxiety or
depression due to exceptionally stressful situations.
LCH remains extremely grateful for the partnership with
our legal community in helping all residents of our county to
stay healthy, stable, and strong. We want to thank all of the
attorneys and law students who have helped LCH and our
clients. To learn more about LCH and its Legal Fund and
services, please contact our President and CEO Alisa Jones at, or at 610-444-7550 X252.

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