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Featured CCBA Member:
Basil Joy, Esquire
Chester County District Attorney's Office
610-344-6801 *
Where do you live?
I've lived in West Chester
Borough for the past three
years, but I just bought a place
down in Chadds Ford, so I'll
be moving down there soon.
Looking forward to the change
of scenery, but I'll definitely miss
living in the Borough.
What was your first job?
When I first got my driving
permit, my financial plan was
to save up for gas money and
McDonald's consumption. To
support that, I got a couple of
part-time jobs. The first was as
a tutor in Math, Science, and
History. The second was at a
clothing store, as a greeter and
professional garment bender.
What word best
describes you?
Curious. Every person you meet
holds a story you know nothing
about. I enjoy learning them.

Where would we find you
on a Saturday afternoon?
If I'm not traveling, I'm probably
binge-watching documentaries
on Netflix.

What is you favorite way to
spend your free time?
I guess I shouldn't say Netflix
twice. When weather permits,
I love hiking and playing
My greatest
I'm a sucker for
a good suit, but
frankly, I spend
more on burgers
and craft beer.
What is your favorite
vacation destination?
I really enjoy travelling and
seeing new places, but they're all
usually one and done. The only
destination I like to frequent is
New York, to visit family.
What is your favorite food?
Give me a NY style slice of pizza
any day of the week.
Who is the person you are
most interested in meeting?
Assuming time-travel and no
language barrier
for this hypothetical,
it would be Socrates.
What is the last book
you read?
Between the World and Me, by
Ta-Nehisi Coates

My favorite tv show:
Game of Thrones
What goals do you still
have that you have not
achieved yet?
I've always wanted to write
a book.
What is a little known fact
about you?
In my free time, I occasionally
write poetry.
What is your favorite website?
Wikipedia-it feeds the
What would you be if you
were not a lawyer?
Probably a teacher-but I figure
I can always teach as a lawyer,
one day.
What do you like most
about the CCBA?
The best thing about CCBA
is the people. As a young
lawyer, it's been great to meet
intelligent professionals who
are also genuine people. I've
shared laughs and made
friends. That's also been my
favorite thing about working
at the DA's office. Now, I'm
hoping to bring the two groups
together more often.

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