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New Law Senate Bill 290
By Charles T. DeTulleo, Esquire


o you think that you can keep up with all the new laws
that pass. I do my best to do that since my practice is
only concentrated in criminal defense. But many who
do not track legislation rely on newspaper reports or the app
on their smartphone.
Hope this helps: On May 27, 2016, Governor Wolf signed
SB 290 into law. Some of the new law went into effect
immediately. Other portions will go into effect on August 27,
2017. So while you are on vacation somewhere nice and warm
with the tender breezes blowing past your bathing suit, a new
set of laws will take place.
The easy beginning is to let you know that this is primarily
for the criminal defense group. But, for those of you who have
live people as clients, you already know that some criminal
laws will eventually catch up with your clients.

18 | New Matter

SB 290 deals with the following: "Amending Title 75
(Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in
general provisions, further providing for definitions; in
licensing of drivers, further providing for chemical testing
to determine amount of alcohol or controlled substance and
for occupational limited license and providing for ignition
interlock limited license; and, in driving after imbibing alcohol
or utilizing drugs, further providing for ignition interlock, for
prior offenses and for the offense of illegally operating a motor
vehicle not equipped with ignition interlock."
If that doesn't whet your appetite to find out more then I
know you don't practice criminal defense.
First of all, the easiest result of the above is to let you know
that there is no more option under the Implied Consent Law,
75 Pa.C.S.A. ยง1547, to use urine tests. This one minor revision
affects many sections of the vehicle code. Although I can't
remember having a DUI case involving a urine test, I do know
that it was definitely an issue in some of the appellate decisions.
(See Commonwealth v. Barker, 70 A.3d 849 (Pa. Super.,
2013), reversed by Nardone v. Commonwealth, 130 A.3d 738
(Pa., 2015).


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