ChesterNewMatterSummer2017 - 34

Featured Member Profile

Featured CCBA Member:
Charles DeTulleo, Esquire
Law Offices of Charles T. DeTulleo * 610-436-5766
Where do you live?
Kennett Square, Mushroom
Capital of the World and home
to Longwood Gardens.

What is your favorite
vacation destination?
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

What was your first job?
I played in a small dance band in
High School. Alto Sax.
What word best
describes you?

What is your favorite food?
Almost any Italian dish.
Who is the person you are
most interested in meeting?

Where would we find you
on a Saturday afternoon?
Finishing a cup of coffee and
catching up on my readings.
What is you favorite way to
spend your free time?
Visiting my family, especially
when they are playing their
instruments in a concert. Or,
when they are acting in a
school musical.
My greatest extravagance?
Being a lawyer.

34 | New Matter

What is the last book
you read?
Thinning the Herd by
Kevin J. Ryan, Esquire.
My favorite tv show:
60 Minutes and NCIS

What goals do you still
have that you have not
achieved yet?
I would like to be a pilot.
Little known fact about me:
I am a foodie and love to go out
to eat and cook although it is
hard to find time to cook.
What is a little known fact
about you?
I can keep a secret better
than most.
What is your favorite website?
What would you be if you
were not a lawyer?
What do you like most about
the CCBA?
The great people who make up
its membership. There is such a
variety and it is so much fun to
be around them.


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