ChesterNewMatterSummer2017 - 4

President's Message

Christine Zaccarelli, Esquire


Are We
FUN Yet?

s I mentioned in our January "Member of the Month"
email, my mission this year is for us to have some FUN
and one of my primary goals as President is not to drive
Wendy and the staff crazy. Well, I have without a doubt been
driving Wendy and the staff crazy as you can see if you've looked
at the CCBA Calendar of Events lately. With all that's going
on, I really hope you are having some fun as we strive to offer
"Something for everyone" at the CCBA.
Many of you joined me at our first Civil Litigation Section
meeting under the new leadership of Bill Weber, Esquire, and
Maria Janoski, Esquire, which featured a presentation by The
Honorable Jacqueline Cody about civility in our practice.
During her remarks she said, "We are in the business of ensuring
civility." It really hit me that civility in our profession is not
something that we should strive for; it's something we should
demand of ourselves and others. What we do is stressful (not
news to anyone), but IF we do it with civility and grace, I truly
believe we can be successful practitioners AND have a lot less
stress in our daily lives.
Another part of my mission is for the CCBA to enrich our
personal lives as well as our professional lives. This year at the
Spring Bench Bar, held at the Desmond in late March, we had
many fantastic speakers, including Chester County District
Attorney Tom Hogan, who presented "How Prescription
Opioids and Heroin are Killing Chester County Kids." I think
most in attendance would agree that we sat in the audience not
as attorneys, but simply as fellow residents of Chester County
who shared a concern over this epidemic and appreciated the

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opportunity to learn so much more about the crisis. Tom's
program was followed by Laurie Besden, Esquire, from Lawyers
Concerned for Lawyers, who shared with us her powerful story
of addiction. In between all of the other CLE sessions and at
the cocktail social, our members had the chance to connect as
friends and colleagues and step out of our roles as adversaries, if
just for the day.
We are excited to welcome four new students to the
1L Diversity Law Program, which began under the leadership
of Craig Styer, Esquire. The students were matched with firms
who generously agreed to support the students with an 8-week
paid internship. We are pleased to have Ifedayo Jegede from
Villanova University School of Law joining Rubin Fortunato,
Quaney Wilson from Widener Delaware School of Law
joining Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees, Jeffrey Johnson also
from Villanova joining Fox Rothschild and Alex Kungu from
Thomas R. Kline Drexel School of Law joining Siana Bellwoar
and Legal Aid of Southeastern PA. We are grateful to the
Chester County Bar Foundation for sponsoring Alex at LASP
through a community grant. The program was created to show
the students what a great place Chester County is to live and
work in. One of the many events we have this summer is our
"Celebrating Diversity" CCBA Happy Hour at Mas Cantina on
June 15th; hope you can join us to enjoy the rooftop at Mas and
welcome our 1L Diversity Program students to the CCBA.


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