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* Support for victims of domestic violence, assistance
with Protection from Abuse orders, and 24-hour
assistance to those in crisis to ensure their safety by
arranging shelter, medical treatment, and counseling.
These programs are making a difference. They give
children, teens, and others who had been suffering in
silence for years the courage to come forward, identify
their abusers, seek justice, and take the first step toward
recovery. In doing so, they have prevented the abuse of
others and saved untold lives.
CVC strives to assist anyone who is victimized by
crime or violence in Chester County, whether they are
residents or not. We work closely with local hospitals,
police departments, schools, the Chester County District
Attorney's Office, and other important agencies to
help victims move forward, heal, and live healthy, safe,
productive, and joyful lives.
Our ability to provide these services relies entirely upon
government agencies, foundations, and local groups, such
as the United Way, as well as the generosity of volunteers,
individuals, businesses and organizational partners within
our community. Now, more than ever, CVC needs
your help.

CCBA Summer Softball League
First Row (L to R): Blaine Feinauer, James Doyle, Clayton Legg
Second Row: Michelle Barone,Bill Wilson, Ryan Jennings,
Wesley Legg, Holly Sheridan
Back Row: Andrew Wiegand, Robert "Bob" Tucker,
Elena Legg, Hilary Sheridan

No one chooses to become a victim of crime. But you
can choose to get involved and to help CVC fulfill its
mission through educational and preventative efforts
that assist law enforcement and provide vital therapeutic,
wellness, and recovery services to those in need.
At heart, CVC is a Chester County organization - it's
your organization. And while we hope and pray you never
have to use our services, we encourage you to support
them with your time, your talents, and your contributions.
Please visit our website at and I hope
you'll join us for our upcoming Night of Hope Gala
on Friday, November 3rd at 6:30 p.m. in the American
Helicopter Museum, just outside of West Chester.
Christine Zaccarelli currently serves as Pro Bono Director
at Legal Aid Of Southeastern PA. She will begin her tenure as
CEO with the Crime Victims' Center of Chester County on
November 1st.

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CCBA Law Student Member Jamie W. Goncharoff, Jr.
shakes hands with his dad, Jamie Goncharoff, Sr., after
graduating U.S. Marine Corps Officer Candidates School
in Quantico, Virginia this summer, and becoming a Marine
Corps Officer. Jamie, Jr. has returned to Delaware Law
School to complete his third year, where he is ranked second
in his class, and is clerking for the Delaware Supreme Court.

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