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Featured CCBA Member:
Wendy Leeper
Chester County Bar Association Executive Director
15 W. Gay Street, 2nd Floor | 610-692-1889
Where do you live? My
husband, Dwight, and I
lived in the borough of West
Chester for the past nine
years and recently simplified
and downsized to a fabulous
apartment in what I call the
"borough borough" . . .
above Yori's Bakery.
What was your first job?
I babysat A LOT in my early
teens. My first paycheck job
was at Rustler Steakhouse in
Delaware. Made friends there
who I still hang out with today.
What word best describes
you? FUN! (and I know I use
the word too much too!)
Where would we find you
on a Saturday afternoon?
Hopefully travelling
somewhere fun and
adventurous. If we're home,
we always looking for local
events to attend or outdoor
activities to enjoy. There's a
small chance you may find
me cleaning or doing
What is your favorite way to
spend your free time?
Now that we've simplified
our life tremendously, I'm
learning how to really enjoy
just chilling out. I always love
spending time with
my children.

Your greatest extravagance?
My biggest extravagance is
actually that I get to benefit
from husband's biggest
extravagance. He's a private
pilot and has a plane.
What is your favorite
vacation destination? I love
travelling all over the world. . .
but my absolute "happy place"
is in Camden, Maine. Key West
is a close second.
What is your favorite food?
Duh - ice cream.
Close second is sushi.
Who is the person you are
most interested in meeting?
I would have loved to meet
my husband's mother, Virginia
Leeper. She was quite the
matriarch and I've heard so
many interesting and funny
stories about her. I think
Dwight is a lot like her and it
would have been
fun to meet her.
What is the last book
you read? Lilac Girls
by Martha Hall Kelly - a
powerful "women's history"
story inspired by actual events
and real people during
the Holocaust.
My favorite tv show: Just
finished (ok binge watched)
several seasons of Suits and
now really enjoying Victoria
and The Good Wife.

What goals do you still
have that you have not
achieved yet? I really
want to be a grandmother
someday. Kind of need my
kids to get on board
with that.
What is a little known fact
about you? I've been a
pescatarian for almost 4 years
and recently gave up dairy
too. It kind of spoiled that
favorite food thing above.
What is your favorite
website? LIKE Google for so
many reasons. LOVE Amazon
for obvious reasons.
What would you be if you
were not our Executive
Director? I think it would be
fun to be a travel guide - not
a travel agent. The guides
I've met have always been
interesting and fun to travel
with and seem to really
enjoy what they do
What do you like most
about the CCBA? I LOVE
OUR STAFF. We have an
incredible team and they
make me look good every
day. I also love our members
and feel so fortunate to
have made many wonderful
friendships over the last
15 years.

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