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New personal and professional updates
BARLEY SNYDER is pleased to announce that
the American Bar Association has named partner
JOSEPH FALCON III the chair of the Patent Litigation
Committee for the Intellectual Property Law Section of
the association.
The new position continues Falcon's work with the
ABA. He has been both the chair and the vice chair of
the Patent Legislation Committee for the Intellectual
Property Law Section of the ABA.
The Patent Litigation Committee works to improve on
items such as costs, the time it takes to decide lawsuits
and trial court rules across the country.
" The ABA is where lawyers go to find out everything
they need to know about their profession across the
country, " Falcon said. " Being able to help attorneys in
this sector of the law is a hefty responsibility for this
committee, but its members are certainly up to the
challenge. "
Falcon is a partner in the firm's Intellectual Property
Practice Group and is a registered U.S. Patent and
Trademark Office patent attorney. He recently was
appointed to the Newtown Township Trails and
Greenways Committee in Delaware County.
& KELLY, LLP is pleased to announce that ROBERT
M. ABERNETHY III, ESQ., has joined the firm as an
associate attorney. A Kennett Square native, Bob is a
2014 graduate of Saint Joseph's University and a 2018
graduate of the Thomas R. Kline School of Law at Drexel
University in Philadelphia.
Since beginning his career as an attorney in 2019, Bob
focused his practice on representing the citizens of
Montgomery County in personal injury and criminal
defense matters. Since joining our firm, Bob plans to
expand his areas of practice to include personal injury,
criminal defense, trusts and estates, family law, worker's
compensation, and zoning/land use. He is admitted to
practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and in
the United States District Court for the Eastern District
of Pennsylvania.
Brutscher, Foley, Milliner, Land & Kelly, LLP will continue
to practice at its office located at 213 East State Street,
Kennett Square, PA, where it has served clients
since 1950.
The legal team at WUSINICH, SWEENEY & RYAN,
LLC is excited to announce FRANNY RYAN as a new
firm partner. Franny Ryan is an accomplished attorney
with decades of experience in state and federal court.
Ms. Ryan focuses on employment law, civil litigation,
class actions, and discrimination matters, as well as
non-compete and trade secret litigation. She has
handled many cases involving sex, age, and disability
discrimination and has first chair experience trying
cases before juries, judges, and arbitrators. Ms. Ryan
is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School,
J.D. and was previously a clerk for Hon. Franklin Van
Antwerpen of the United States District Court for the
Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Ms. Ryan was a partner
at a major Philadelphia law firm before joining Wusinich
& Sweeny, LLC.
POTTS, SHOEMAKER & GROSSMAN, LLC announced they are expanding their Alternative Dispute resolution
(ADR) team as SHALENE ZAUCHA joined their ADR Department! Shalene completed her mediation certification in
2021 and is ready to use her skills to assist divorcing parties mediate or arbitrate their personal property, financial
and custody disputes. Since 2019, Shalene has assisted Potts, Shoemaker & Grossman, LLC in several family court
matters in divorce, custody, support, and adoptions. Shalene has over 15 years of experience working through
internal and external conflicts in a corporate setting. Shalene is excited to utilize her experience and expertise to
excel as a neutral party to resolve conflict without the stress and cost of going to court.
Do you have any exciting personal or professional news you would like to share?
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