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President's Message
Time Flies When You're Having Fun
John K. Fiorillo, Esquire
Chester County Bar Association
hat a year! This is my last President's message.
Tempus fugit. While we still are dealing with
COVID 19, the vaccine and booster have
allowed us to have events once more. Our offices have
been opened to the membership since June.
We successfully held a delayed Bar Sail on September 9,
2021, in Rock Hall, Maryland. As a first for this event,
we were joined by Kathleen Wilkinson, President of the
Pennsylvania Bar Association. This was followed by the
Chester County Bar Foundation's Key Gala on September
23, 2021. This was well attended and raised $67,000.
Finally, the Annual Bench Bar Conference was held
October 7-9 at Skytop in the Poconos with a near record
attendance. The Thursday night dinner, which included
lobster tail, was particularly well received. The atmosphere
and vibe were excellent. The speakers and Judge's panel
were great, and we were entertained after Friday night's
dinner by comedian Joe Conklin. I was happy to see so
many of you at these events.
In my last article, I re-introduced to you the CCBA staff.
Over this past year, I have come to appreciate even more
how much they do, and the hard work required to help
plan and make sure our events run smoothly.
I thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the
things that the CCBA staff coordinate and manage. The
following is not an exhaustive list, but it certainly illustrates
the value that the CCBA brings to the table.
1. The staff takes over 2,500 Lawyer Referral Service calls
every year. These calls come from all sorts of different
people in Chester County who are in need of legal
direction. Some go through the LRS program and get
assigned to one of our participating attorneys, but
others need Pro Bono help and often get re-routed to
one of our non-profit partners like Legal Aid, Friends
Association's Eviction Court Program, or the Chester
County Senior Law Center.
2. Speaking of Pro Bono work, the CCBA Staff administers
our Access to Justice Program, which handles over 150
pro bono legal cases a year that can't be done by Legal
Aid due to conflicts or other disqualifying issues.
3. Our CCBA Staff puts out a weekly publication called
the Chester County Law Reporter. With 52 issues a year,
with each issue containing around 40 pages. In addition,
the CCBA Staff coordinates the quarterly New Matter
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