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owing, an ancient form of travel turned into competitive
sport, debuted at the 1900 Games in Paris, the second
Summer Olympiad. With the United States standing as
the all-time medal leader in Olympic rowing and popularity on
the rise for rowing as a collegiate sport, high school involvement
and participation around the country is increasing.
Dedicated to fostering the sport of rowing, developing young
athletes, and instilling a sense of personal responsibility. Studentathletes learn sportsmanship, rowing skills, as well as the ability
to work with others toward a common goal for the benefit of all.
The primary goal of
Unionville Crew is to create a
team where each athlete can
discover their true potential,
learn the value of hard work
and understand the gifts and
lessons that can be found in
the pursuit of excellence.
The ultimate TEAM sport
... Crew is unique in that
there are a specific number of seats in each boat and when a seat
goes unfilled it can mean that many other athletes are unable to
practice. There are no sidelines and no bench. Athletes learn
quickly that they are very dependent on each other for their
success and ability to participate. Together, as a team, they work
extremely hard and are committed to putting boats on the water
that can compete on a national level.
Heidi and Dylan Huffman, twins, and the second and third
oldest children of DCBA President Craig B. Huffman, Esquire,
and his wife Sonya, are both Freshman at Unionville High
School. They decided to try Crew this year after attending a few
"learn to row" days last Summer, 2018, which provided a basic
introduction to the sport. "All five of my kids love the water and
being outdoors so it was a natural fit," stated Huffman.
Crew is a team sport where you race in specialized boats
known as racing shells, typically in teams of four or eight with a
Coxswain who navigates and steers the boat and directs the pace
and strength with which the rowers pull their individual oars. It
requires a lot of strength, endurance, teamwork and technique.
The race courses are typically about 1500 meters long, sometimes
longer, and racing is a very intense and physically challenging

6 | Spring 2019

Craig Huffman understands hard work, dedication and finding
success as a team. He is proud and supportive of the many
endeavors of all five of his children. "Rowing and Crew requires
a lot of dedication and training. My children work very hard year
around doing some grueling workouts including two-a-days over
Spring Break. The boat-mates have formed a tight bond through
their mutual suffering! Regatta Days are fun for the parents and
racers. Each school sets up a large tent, brings a lot of food and a
grill creating a party-like atmosphere while the teams race on the
river. Heidi and Dylan get a lot out of rowing and it has been a
great experience for them."
Have fun, thrive in competition, and reap all of the benefits
that come from exploring the boundaries of your physical and
mental capabilities!
Craig B. Huffman, Esquire, currently serves as President of
the Delaware County Bar Association where he is committed to
the membership. Professionally, he is dedicated to his practice
with Eckell, Sparks, Levy, Auerbach, Monte, Sloane, Matthews
& Auslander, P.C., specializing in family law and Orphans' Court
litigation. He is a past president of the Family Law Section of
the DCBA, the largest and one of the most active groups in the
Association which prides itself on its commitment to serving the
On a personal level, Craig resides with his wife, Sonya, and
their five children in Chadds Ford Township, Pennsylvania,
where he has served as Chairman of the Planning Commission
for the past ten years. He is very active with his community, his
church and autism awareness organizations.
Editor's Note: The Spring issue of the Delco re:View, with
a theme of "Thought is the Wind, Knowledge the Sail, and
Mankind Vessel," highlights a variety of "vessels" ... Let us tell
you about the Racing Shell.
In watercraft, a racing shell is an extremely narrow, and often
comparatively long, rowing boat specifically designed for racing
or exercise. It is outfitted with long oars, outriggers to hold the
oarlocks away from the boat, and sliding seats. The boat's long
length and semicircular cross-section reduce drag to a minimum.
This makes the boat both fast and unstable. It must be balanced
by the rowers to avoid tipping. Being able to balance - or "set" -
the boat while putting maximum effort into the oars is therefore
an essential skill of sport rowing.
The racing shell evolved from the simple working rowboat.
Boats with longer hulls and narrower in beam were developed
in the early 19th century specifically for team racing. These
dedicated boats were the first boats that could be called racing
shells, and they evolved into the highly specialized forms
used today.

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