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Prior to his election to the Bench, Judge Burr had 34 years
of experience as a trial attorney, in both criminal and civil
cases, and as a professional mediator/arbitrator. He served as
an Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of
Pennsylvania from 1969 to 1972.
" I recall that Judge Burr was one of the most outstanding trial
lawyers, before going on the bench. His extensive experience,
as a trial lawyer, provided him the background to become
one of the most competent trial judges ever to wear the robes.
I have tried well over 30 cases to verdict, before His Honor,
and have had numerous other matters heard before Judge
Burr. Although we did not always see eye-to-eye, Judge Burr's
competence, and his fine demeanor, to all counsel, are a credit
to our judicial system and to our profession. "
Benjamin A. Post, Esquire
Through the years 1993 to 1999, Judge Burr volunteered
his services as a Judge Pro Tempore to assist Delaware and
Philadelphia Counties in the reduction of the unacceptable level
of backlogged cases in those courts. From 1992 to 1997, Judge
Burr was an Adjunct Professor at the Villanova School of Law
teaching a course in Civil Pretrial Practice. He also served as the
Radnor Township Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor for 25 years
He authored numerous articles for legal and medical journals
and served as a frequent lecturer at continuing legal education
programs sponsored by the Pennsylvania Conference of State
Trial Judges, the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, the Pennsylvania
Association for Justice, and the Philadelphia and Delaware
County Bar Associations on issues relating to civil litigation
including the management of civil trials, medical malpractice
and the settlement of cases. From 2000 to 2010, he taught
through the Academy of Advocacy at Temple University James
E. Beasley School of Law.
In 2011, Judge Burr assumed Senior Judge status and
continued to serve in the Civil Trial Section handling numerous
major jury and non-jury cases involving medical malpractice,
products liability, premises liability, Dram Shop Act/negligence
claims, defamation actions, automobile negligence, automobile
license suspension appeals, class actions, Minimum Wage Act/
Wage Payment and Collection Law Claims, consumer fraud,
insurer's bad faith, insurance coverage issues, injunctive relief,
tax assessment appeals, zoning hearing board appeals, business
dissolutions, breach of contract, fiduciary surcharge and
shareholders' derivative actions. He was also the presiding Judge
for all Mass Tort Litigation.
Words from Robert M. Firkser, Esquire, who with
great pleasure, presented the Frank T. Hazel Hall
of Fame Award to the Honorable Charles B. Burr,
II, at the 47th Annual Bench Bar Conference in
June 2019.
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" Anyone who has had cases before Judge Burr knows
that he prepares painstakingly, that he works patiently and
tirelessly to facilitate settlements, and that he is decisive and
knowledgeable during trial. Anyone who has been involved in
an appeal from one of his trials knows that he writes scholarly
and thorough opinions. I represented the appellee in such a
case and, during oral argument, I referenced the trial judge's
insightful opinion. A member of the Superior Court panel
said, 'Yes, Judge Burr does write exhaustive opinions.' He was
affirmed. Judge Burr is collegial, professional, intelligent, and
dedicated. "
" Engaged, decisive and fair! "
Hugh A. Donaghue, Esquire.
Judge Burr " pledged years ago to follow Socrates'
description of what a Judge is supposed to do; to hear
courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly, to decide
impartially. "
When Samuel Roberts took the oath as Chief Justice of
Pennsylvania in 1983, he encapsulated these ancient shards
of wisdom when he set forth the standard for our Judiciary.
" Justice, " he said, " is still the highest interest of a free society.
The rule of law remains one of our greatest hopes for peace and
social progress. We owe it to society and the course of justice
which we serve daily to search ways to meet all our challenges
with an uncompromising commitment to excellence. "
For Judge Burr, " this uncompromising commitment to
excellence is what makes being a Judge such an exhilarating
challenge, an 'awe'ful responsibility, one full of awe! To be
doing everyday what you enjoy doing is rare. But rarer still is to
be doing what you were meant to do. "
" Judge Burr is a Judge before whom anyone would want
a trial, whether bench or jury, and the acknowledged master
of settlement conferences. His record speaks for itself. His
opinions are thorough and tend to be lengthy with numerous
Latin quotations and footnotes. "
Stephen H. Palmer, Esquire
" The best Civil Trial Judge in the State of Pennsylvania, his
preparedness is exceptional! "
The Honorable Frank T. Hazel
Throughout his judicial career, from 2000 to 2019, Senior
Judge Burr tried over 400 cases to a jury verdict and over 325
non-jury cases. His affirmance rate with all appellate courts was
Words by friend and colleague, Carmen P. Belefonte, Esquire
... " I have known The Honorable Charles B. Burr, II, 'Chuck' for
over 50 years now. We met in court as adversaries - he was an
Assistant U.S. Attorney at the time prosecuting my client.

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