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Later, I came into contact with him while he was representing
physicians and hospitals in medical malpractice cases. I had the
honor of introducing Judge Burr to the Court at his swearing in
ceremony after being elected to the Court, and again, 10 years
later after he was successful in his retention election.
Throughout his 20 + years as a Judge I appeared in front
of him on many occasions, he was one of the most competent
Judges I have ever observed. He was always prepared. He
always understood the nuances of a case and had the ability to
bring opposing counsel to understand the reasons their case
should be settled. Other judges would send cases assigned
to them to Judge Burr for settlement purposes. His ability to
effectuate a settlement was based on the fact that lawyers trusted
and respected him. He has a keen intellect and complete mastery
of the facts and applicable law in any case assigned to him. As
a trial judge, he was fair, impartial and even handed. The jurors
respected him as well. You always knew you received a fair trial
- win or lose.
Judge Burr was well respected by all appellate judges in
Pennsylvania. His opinions were thorough and well-reasoned
and always peppered with erudite words and phrases to support
his trial decisions. His 50-pound dictionary was used extensively
during his career to assist him in his writings. His opinions
were pedagogical. On more than one occasion the Superior or
the Supreme Court would quote extensively from his opinions
in upholding his decision. Judge Burr prided himself on having
his decisions upheld. He kept by his side in his chambers the
Superior Court Opinion in one of only two cases that reversed
him in his entire judicial career. And, he can recite all of the
reasons the court was wrong in reversing him in both cases.
Judge Burr was very open in his discussions both in court
and in chambers. 'Chuck' could be your closest friend and still
be fair and not show favoritism in his rulings, a rare quality
indeed. The Honorable Charles B. Burr, II, has become a legend
as a jurist in Delco - we miss him. "
Defrocked but not Dethroned! Because the rules of
the Supreme Court require Judges to retire at the age of 78, The
Honorable Charles B. Burr, II, did so on December 31, 2018.
" Outta Here? " Not really! ... Effective January 1, 2019, Judge
Burr became the Court's Civil Case Conciliator in an attempt to
reduce the growing backlog of cases caused by the COVID19
Pandemic and continues his life's work today.
" Long Drive ... They're Outta Here! " ... The
Honorable Frank T. Hazel was appointed to the Delaware
County Court of Common Pleas in 1981 by then Governor
Richard Thornburgh, and was elected to a full term commencing
in 1982. He was retained for a second term in 1991 and a
third term in 2001. Judge Hazel is a graduate of St. Joseph's
University and Villanova University School of Law.
He has served as a Trial Judge in the Civil Section of the
Court and was the Administrative Judge of the Criminal Section
of the Court and the Administrative Judge of the Criminal
Section of the Court. Judge Hazel distinguished himself not only
through his dedication and competence but through longevity: he
is the longest sitting Judge in the history of Delaware County.
" I had the privilege of working with Judge Hazel on over
two dozen jury trials. He was always the smartest man in the
room, but he also had common sense and compassion. If I
had to reduce my thoughts of my friend Frank Hazel to a few
words, I would say he set the bar for how the judiciary should
conduct themselves to promote confidence in the system to
the public at large. He treated all that came before him with
civility, courtesy, and respect. He is sorely missed. "
Mark P. Much, Esquire
Prior to his appointment, Judge Hazel served as District
Attorney of Delaware County for six years. He successfully
completed the General Jurisdiction Course at the National
Judicial College in Reno, Nevada and a course in Advanced
Constitutional Criminal Law and Procedure presented by
the American Academy of Judicial Education. He has been
recognized as one of the top 100 criminal trial Judges in the
Judge Hazel has served on a number of state committees; two
notables include the Wire-tapping and Electronic Surveillance
Committee and the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing.
" I came to the Bench early, from the youngest District
Attorney to the youngest Judge. I gave it 5 years, do I like it,
does it like me? After trying hundreds of cases, you learn, you
learn a lot. You learn to be prepared, to be fair and to be civil.
And, at the end of the day, you ask yourself, did I bring all that
I had? If so, it is a good day! "
" Be prepared to argue (better than those before you). Never
look back, do the best you can. Work hard. Make the best
decision, make the right decision. 'Right' is in the eye of the
beholder, be willing to take criticism. "
Judge Hazel's passion for the organized bar equals his
impressive career as a jurist. He served as President of the
Guy G. deFuria American Inn of Court and, as a career-long
active participant in supporting Bar activity, was recognized by
the Delaware County Bar Association with the Paul R. Sand
President's Award, the Donald J. Orlowsky Memorial Award, the
E. Wallace Chadwick Memorial Award, the Lawyer's Club Man
of the Year Award and a 2020 President's Special Recognition
Award. He was also the recipient of the Media Area Jaycees Man
of the Year Award. In 2006, Judge Hazel was rated among the
top 500 Judges in the United States by a California-based legal
Judge Hazel has lectured extensively on behalf of the
Delaware County Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Conference
of State Trial Judges, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the
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