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Tradition Renewed...

45th Annual Bench Bar Conference
June 7, 8, and 9, 2017
Skytop Lodge
The Pocono Mountains' Premier Resort
& Conference Center


he 2017 Bench Bar Conference delivered yet another
year of outstanding Continuing Legal Education seminars
providing for a full year worth of credits, including three
ethics credits. The seminars ran the gamut from Expert Witness
Testimony to What's New in Family Law, Employment Law,
Wills and Estates, Criminal Law and Cyber Threat Management.
This year's conference featured Keynote Speaker William
Ecenbarger. Before he became a full-time freelance writer in
1981, Ecenbarger was a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer,
and was part of an Inquirer team that won the 1980 Pulitzer
Prize for its coverage of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident.
In addition, he received the George Polk Award for a series of
articles outlining abuses in the Pennsylvania Legislature.
Ecenbarger is a former contributing editor for Reader's
Digest and still writes regularly for its international editions.
He is the author of Walkin' the Line, a travel-history about the
Mason-Dixon Line published in 2001; Glory by the Wayside:
The Old Churches of Hawaii, a photo-essay book published
in 2008; and Kids for Cash, an account of a judicial scandal in
Pennsylvania published in 2012.

A timeless retreat... We were so happy to have
had you there!
John J. Maffei, Esq., served as the 38th President of the
Delaware County Bar Association in 1973. When questioned
in a previous interview as to what was the most important
accomplishment for the betterment of the Association that
occurred during his tenure as President, Maffei replied... "The
establishment of the Bench Bar Conference. I had attended a
Bench Bar Conference of the Philadelphia Bar the year before
I became President. From what I learned there, I thought it
would be a great idea to start such a conference for the Delaware
County Bar.

10 | Summer 2017

"At my request, the Board of Directors created a Bench
Bar Conference Committee and I appointed Joe Labrum as
Chairman since he had the respect of both the Bench and Bar.
Max Gibbs, Murray Eckell and I worked with him as Committee
members. We saw the Conference as an opportunity to provide
an educational forum and as an excellent time for the Bench and
Bar to work and play together."
Time has certainly proved the success of the Conference.
The 2017 Conference was held at Skytop Lodge, a majestic
5,500-acre escape, all held in conservation since 1928. The
Delaware County Bar Association first held their Conference at
Skytop in 1995, and this year, 2017, marked the Association's
16th visit to this ultimate destination for time-honored
traditions and memory-making. From the moment you enter
Skytop Lodge, you are transported to a more dignified time
where an exceptional experience beckons and events become

The 45th as 1st!

The 45th Annual Bench Bar Conference recognized those
attorneys who attended their very first Bench Bar Conference:
Amy Cappelli; John Daniels; Mary Jo Gilsdorf; Andrew Girton;
Jordan Gregro; Tiffany Griffin; Gabriella Grosso; Pamela Lee;
M. Elizabeth Naughton-Beck; Howard Pressman; Darryl Shorter;
Laura Stegossi; Kelsey Trainor; Walt Weinrich; and Christine

From 1st to 45th!

At the other end of the spectrum are the more experienced;
those who attended the very first Bench Bar Conference in 1973,
and the 45th in 2017: David E. Auerbach, Esq.; Hon. Michael
F.X. Coll; William G. Halligan, Esq.; Hon. Frank T. Hazel;
Richard A. Mitchell, Esq.; and Harry F. Spiess, Jr., Esq.


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