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Vadino, Jr. Memorial Award for his significant contribution as
a young lawyer in 1989. His exemplary record was not only
recognized there for his leadership in this Bar Association, but
also statewide when he received the President's Award for the
Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in 1998.
Nationally, in 2014, US News and World report listed him in the
Best Law Firms. Martindale-Hubbell listed him as AV rated.
Our recipient's accomplishments speak volumes, including
his numerous lectures in a variety of areas such as: the use of
psychiatric experts; the insanity defense; civil rights; techniques
in criminal trial advocacy; and many more.
As you can see, I affectionately speak of this gentleman as
a fellow trial lawyer. Since he was young, his heroes were Perry
Mason, Judd for the defense; the defenders; Matlock - he lives
the dream - he is an intellectual remaining a romantic about
what he does for his clients, the law and Lady Liberty.
This gentleman is so much more than the accomplishments
I have noted. The word motivation means different things
to different people. The motivation of our recipient and his
extraordinary work ethic helped steer the path of this Bar
Association and so many lives. He finds love, passion and
enjoyment in everything he does, knowing that each day he
gives everything that he has. He is an accomplished guitarist and
musician - 'A Renaissance Man.' A further example of his drive;
he organized and chartered the Pennsylvania and the Delaware
County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
Our recipient is a Fellow of the American Board of Criminal
Lawyers, a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, and a
Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. His drive,
determination and refusal to give up, are all characteristic of our
Today, we celebrate Arthur T. Donato, Esquire, as an
individual who over the years has continuously stood up,
took action, and was counted. Today we are celebrating his
enthusiasm, his commitment, and his sheer hard work, as a
member and team player of our legal community. The word
fatigue is not within his vocabulary. Art, please accept this
recognition in our sincere appreciation of all that you have done
for the Delaware County Bar Association, its Bench and its Bar."

The Honorable Frank T. Hazel Hall of Fame Award
is presented annually at the Delaware County Bench
Bar Conference to a member of the Delaware County
Bar Association who fosters camaraderie, good will,
volunteerism, team play, selflessness, enthusiasm and
sportsmanship in the legal field and who most closely

exemplifies the Honorable Frank T. Hazel, a great friend and
tireless supporter of the Bar Association. Presented by Robert
M. Firkser, Esq., Chair, Bench Bar Conference Committee.
Judge Hazel is nationally respected as an excellent trial judge.
He is the embodiment of integrity, competence, character, and
good humor. While no mere mortal can equal him in these
respects, the Frank T. Hazel Hall of Fame Award is presented in
his honor to an attorney who displays the same characteristics.
Congratulations to Colleen M. Neary, Esquire, the first female
recipient of this Award!
Colleen M. Neary, Esquire, graduated from Unionville High
School in 1984. During her youth, she was a prima ballet person
with the Wilmington Ballet Academy, where she trained for 12
years. She attended Scranton University, graduating in 1988, and
went straight to Villanova University School of Law, graduating
in 1990.
During law school, she interned at the Chester County DA's
office, and her first job out of law school was as an associate for
Michael R. Sweeney, Esq. The affiliation took, and they became
partners in 1997, forming the firm Sweeney & Neary, LLP. They
were loyal partners and close friends until Mike's passing in
Colleen enjoys spending weekends at her house on the
Chesapeake, often kayaking. She loves to travel, and takes her
five nieces and nephews on vacation every year, where she
indoctrinates them with conservative political thought. She
has a vast knowledge of all things historical, and she loves a
good debate and challenging everyone in the office to historical
Colleen has been a member of the Pennsylvania Bar
Association House of Delegates for over 12 years, and was
President of the Conference of County Bar Leaders in 2015. She
has been a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial
Lawyers since 2003, and is the Academy's current Secretary.
She also serves on the Board of Governors of the University
of Scranton Alumni Society. She has been the recipient of
innumerable awards, including the Vadino Award, the Chadwick
Award, the Elizabeth C. Price Award, the Eric D. Turner Award,
the Lawyers' Club Man of the Year Award, and the Chief Justice
John P. Flaherty Award by the PBA Conference of County Bar
"Colleen's contributions to the Delaware County Bar
Association are incalculable. She was the youngest President
of the Delaware County Bar Association, chaired the Family
Law Section, and created the History of the Bar project. She
has chaired various Bar Association committees, including a
7-year stint as Chair of the Bench Bar Conference Committee. I
can attest to the time and effort that is put into this Conference,
and she attended to same with unequaled zeal, enthusiasm,
responsibility, and ability. All of us who are here this evening
owe her a debt of gratitude; her dedication to the practice of law
and to this Association is unparalleled. I once heard her quote
Toby Keith, saying, 'I love this bar.' Colleen Neary, we love you
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