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LAW DAY 2017

"The 14th Amendment:
Transforming American


theme is chosen each year to provide an opportunity
to spotlight a particular aspect of the rule of law or
legal process and how it affects our daily lives. The
theme this year, "The 14th Amendment: Transforming American
Democracy" provides the opportunity to explore the many ways
that the Fourteenth Amendment has reshaped American law and
society. Through its Citizenship, Due Process and Equal Protection clauses, this transformative amendment advanced the rights
of all Americans. The 14th Amendment serves as the cornerstone
of landmark civil rights legislation, the foundation for numerous federal court decisions protecting fundamental rights, and a
source of inspiration for all those who advocate for equal justice
under law.
As we celebrated in 2017, the many ways that the Fourteenth Amendment has reshaped American law and society,
we honored recipients of the Themis Award, the Liberty Bell
Award, and the Elizabeth C. Price Award.
The "Themis Award" is awarded to a non-lawyer who
has performed outstanding services in an area which has engendered great respect for the law, stimulated the concept of
individual responsibility, and encouraged recognition of the
responsibilities of citizens. We celebrate the Delaware County
Courthouse Maintenance Staff and the Elwyn Custodial
Transitional Work Crew; without them behind the scenes,
the Courthouse would not be able to effectively administer
Founded in 1852, Elwyn has always been at the forefront
of developing unique, innovative services for people with disabilities. For over 163 years, Elwyn's mission and vision have
remained steadfast: Maximizing potential through personal commitment, collective talents and innovation. Through partnerships
with families, communities and government, Elwyn is for many
the provider of choice for people with diverse challenges. Today,
Elwyn serves over 12,000 people with programs in Pennsylvania,
New Jersey, Delaware and California.
Nowhere has Elwyn been more successful than in Delaware
County, PA where they have enjoyed a unique relationship with
the community and county government. There is no better example of this than the fact that Delaware County Council has contracted with Elwyn for over 40 years to provide employment to
custodial work crews to clean four of the buildings at the Media

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