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Over the years, these work crews have provided on-thejob training in an integrated environment, helping individuals
learn not only custodial skills, but also social skills. This has
translated into hundreds of individuals transitioning into the
Thanks to the support and welcoming community at the
Court House and at Delaware County businesses, individuals
with disabilities have been given the opportunity to take pride
as members of the community workforce.
The Liberty Bell Award of the Young Lawyers' Section
of the Delaware County Bar Association recognizes an individual, not a lawyer or judge, for his or her outstanding
community service, an individual whose activities promote
the spirit of our Constitution. Presented by Michael J. Davey, Esq., President, Young Lawyers' Section, and Craig B.
Huffman, Esq., Vice President, DCBA and Chairman, 2017
Law Day Committee, we celebrate Colleen P. Morrone,
Vice Chairman, Delaware County Council.
Elected to Delaware County Council in November 2011
and sworn into office in January 2012, Colleen is an active
member of both the Delaware County and state of Delaware
communities. She contributes her time and talent as a professional business leader, an elected leader and a volunteer with
many organizations.
The first person from the western end of Delaware County
to hold a seat on County Council, Colleen was named Concord
Person of the Year for 2011 as recognition for her tireless involvement in the township.
In January 2004, Colleen was elected to the Concord Township Board of Supervisors as the first woman to serve on that
board in the township's 320-year history. In 2010, she was
elected to her second term and served as vice-chair of the
Colleen is the Chief Mission Officer for Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County, Inc. where she has worked for 22
years, starting as an administrative assistant and later serving
as public relations manager, human resources director and was
named Chief Mission Officer in 2003.
In her current position with Goodwill, Colleen provides direction for human resources, employee benefits and staff development for nearly 700 employees. Her responsibilities include
workforce development programs and family strengthening
services for 15,000 individuals who face barriers to employment.
Through her efforts, Goodwill has initiated innovative programs and collaborative efforts with local non-profit and state
agencies to provide vocational and job placement services and
family strengthening services to improve the quality of life
for individuals through the Power of Work. In January 2008,
she was elected to the Delaware Association of Rehabilitation
She also serves as a member of the Society of Human Resources Management, the St. Cornelius Parent's Association,
the Delaware County Women's Commission, the Insuring

Delaware County's Children (CHIP) Committee, the advisory
committee for the Delaware County Community Foundation,
and the advisory board for the Neumann University Center for
Community Leadership and Entrepreneurship.
In 2008, Colleen received the Leaders of Distinction Award
from the Foundation of the Delaware County Chamber of
Commerce. In 1993, she was recognized by Goodwill Industries of America Inc. as the recipient of the North American
GIVS Scholarship. She is a 1989 United Way Leadership
Delaware graduate and a 2007 Leadership Delaware County
graduate, and completed the Goodwill Industries International
Executive Development Program in June 2011.
The Elizabeth C. Price Award to a person whose dedication, integrity and loyalty to the Bar Association most
closely exemplify that of the late Elizabeth C. Price, Executive Director, 1974 to 2010. Presented by William L. Baldwin, Esq., DCBA Executive Director... We celebrate the
Honorable Christine Fizzano Cannon for her dedication to
family, strong work ethic, and spirit of government and community service. Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon was honored
as the recipient of the prestigious Elizabeth C. Price Award
given each year on Law Day by the Delaware County Bar Association to an individual who best exemplifies a great spirit of
volunteerism, dedication, and loyalty to the Bar Association.
Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon was elected to a ten-year
term on the Court of Common Pleas in November 2011 and
was sworn into office on January 3, 2012. She has presided
over matters in the Civil Trial, Juvenile and Motion Hearing
Sections and currently serves as the Civil Trial Section Liaison
After completion of her undergraduate degree from the
University of Arizona, Judge Fizzano Cannon graduated with
honors from Widener University School of Law where she was
the Articles Editor of the law review. She was admitted to the
Bar in 1994 and, prior to becoming a judge, she maintained a
private law practice for 17 years with a focus on commercial
and municipal matters. She also served as a municipal solicitor
to various governmental entities and served as a special prosecutor of child support enforcement.
A lifelong resident of Delaware County, Judge Fizzano
Cannon has a long history of service to Delaware County, its
communities, and its charitable and civic organizations. In
2007, Judge Fizzano Cannon was elected to a four-year term
on Delaware County Council and was elected vice chairman
in 2010. She served eight years, from 1999 to 2007, on Middletown Township Council, having previously served on the
Middletown Township's Zoning Hearing Board.
Judge Fizzano Cannon served two two-year terms on the
board of directors of the Delaware County Bar Association.
She was appointed to and served a six-year term on the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board Hearing Committee, from 2004 to
2010, and was previously appointed to and served on the Governor's Judicial Advisory Commission.


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