DelcoReviewSummer2017 - 36

Delaware County Press Club
"Bringing Communication
Professionals Together"

Who We Are...
Founded in 1979, the Delaware County Press Club comprises
professionals, active or retired, from the fields of communications, including print and broadcast journalism, public relations,
marketing, writing and photojournalism, as well as communications teachers, students and professionals in allied fields. Currently more than 225 members strong!
Mission Statement:
To facilitate career advancement among professionals in
communications by building relationships, keeping current
on industry trends and encouraging excellence among future
"It is my absolute pleasure to accept the nomination of President, Delaware County Press Club, September 2017 to May
2018. . . I am committed to yet another exciting year filled with
exhilarating luncheons and special events, dynamic speakers,
networking, and continued membership in a club that brings
unique, one-of-a-kind opportunities all year long."
- Tracy E. Price
And thank you to the "Dream Team" at my side for this year to
Executive Board - September 2017 to May 2018
President: Tracy E. Price, Delaware County Bar Association
1st VP: Andrea DiFabio, Vinyl Revival & Community Arts
2nd VP: Paul Kotrotsios, Hellenic News of America
Treasurer: Joanne Armstrong, Yoder & Armstrong Printing
Corresponding Secretary: Chris Farias, IT Services, Eastern
Business Software, Inc.
Recording Secretary: Anita Sayers, Radnor Hotel

36 | Summer 2017

Board Members
Dave Sible, On Video
Ken Knickerbocker, PIVOT
Anne Neborak, Delaware County Daily Times Reporter
Paul Bennett, Community Newspaper
Adriene Irving, Delaware County Intermediate Unit
Sean McDonald, Neumann University Communications Center
Lorraine Ranalli, Press, Author & Franklin Mint Credit Union
Adrienne Marofsky, Public Relations Officer, Delaware County
Kelly Pfeiffer, Manor College
Charlie Tomlinson, Main Line Today Magazine
Jennifer Hoffman, Delaware County Chamber of Commerce
Mike McDade, Penn State Brandywine
Mary Westcavage, Crozer Keystone Group
Jen Boyett, Comcast
A Brief History
In 1979, the Delaware County Press Club grew out of a conversation among Janet Shay, Dorothea Reynolds and Barbara
Ormsby over tea in the basement snack bar of the Delaware
County Courthouse. Janet had the idea for a club patterned after
the National Press Club in Washington. The first official meeting
was at Cavanaugh's Bar and Restaurant in Pilgrim Gardens. It
moved to the former It's About Thyme shortly after and then on
to bigger venues, national speakers and hundreds of members.
The history of the Delaware County Press Club sparkles with
the names of celebrities who have contributed to our programs
and services. America's Oldest Living Teenager Dick Clark
detoured to Delco en route from a Rio de Janiero vacation to his
L.A. home to M.C. a Club tribute to a mutual old friend, Jack
Steck. Philanthropist and former U.S. Ambassador Walter Annenberg called personally to donate $10,000 to a scholarship
fund in honor of that same mutual friend.
Artist Jamie Wyeth (whose Portrait of Pig inspired our lunacy) smilingly sanctioned our pig-painting contest to raise money
for scholarships.


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