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What kind of Cyber Security
Protection Do You and
Your Business Need?
By Amelia Krotee, Berks County Intermediate Unit

#DeleteFacebook. You may have noticed this hashtag trending
in your newsfeed in recent weeks. If you are not familiar with
what it refers to, Facebook, the largest social network site
worldwide, recently announced that the data of 87 million users
was compromised. Facebook users are up in arms over the fact that
Cambridge Analytica improperly gathered detailed information on
these 87 million Facebook accounts and are calling for the site's
shutdown. Unfortunately, news about data breaches is nothing new
in our digitally-driven society. It definitely raises some red flags
and calls for stricter privacy settings and third-party application
regulations when the largest social network loses control over its
users' cyber security.

as parents, educators, coaches, counselors, business leaders, health
professionals, and community members to stay informed about the
risks and dangers technology presents to our children as early as the
age of three. There are 70,000 students in Berks County alone, and
we all have a role to play in protecting our youth.
"Children are blessed with a natural curiosity to explore,
test the boundaries of authority, and push the limits of their
personal comfort. While these attributes are important to human
development, they represent a steaming cauldron where bad things
happen and unintended outcomes abound. Parents need to be
candid with their children about the risks of sharing too much
personal information online and that there are skilled perpetrators
looking to take advantage of the naive and unsuspecting. Parents
need to monitor and personally observe a child's use of the internet
and mobile devices for appropriateness. Active monitoring and
open discussion are the tools to mitigating risk and keeping children
safe," shared John P. Weidenhammer, President of Weidenhammer
Systems Corporation, on his perspective of cyber security.

Not only do social media users need to worry about their personal
information being stolen, but they also need to be wary of the fact
that a social network site created for the purpose of connecting with
classmates, family, and friends is now being used for cyberbullying,
stalking, exploitation, and so much more. In a completely honest,
real, up-front, and hands-on format, Michele Stuart, Owner of JAG
Investigations, discussed the risks and dangers surrounding cyber
Ronald Stanko, Deputy Director for the Pennsylvania
security for our most vulnerable population, our children, with the Governor's Office of Homeland Security, said that safety starts with
parents, educators, business leaders, health professionals, and Berks communication between parents, schools, and law enforcement.
County community members who attended two identical Keeping "Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies work tirelessly to
Kids Safe: Cyber Security forums on Thursday, March 22, at the investigate and prevent threats to our most vulnerable populations.
Inn at Reading.
When we work together to help keep our community safe, we keep
The proverb "It takes a village to raise a child" takes on so much our kids safe," said Mr. Stanko in a statement regarding the topic of
more meaning in today's digital age. Protecting our children is a protecting our youth from these threats.
community commitment, and that message resonated throughout
both sessions. In order to keep kids safe, we have to work together




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