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Mobile Technology:
Emerging Trends
in Business
By Joe Booth, TIW Technology


e all have mobile phones these days and it's the
rare person that's longing to go back to the days
of flip phones. It's no mystery why that's the
case. There are so many apps available that can make our
lives easier. Mobile devices are one area of technology where,
as device technology evolves, people tend to keep up and
stay current - especially the younger, technologically-savvy
people that are emerging in the workforce.
Here are just a few of the more popular apps that are
available that many people use on a daily basis:

Most of these apps make our personal lives more mobile,
but can't we make our business lives more mobile too? This
question especially applies to those people whose jobs aren't
in an office but are mobile by design. Aren't mobile devices
supposed to be the business tools of the future? Of course
they are. Imagine sales reps on the road sitting with their
customers; they're entering sales quotes and sales orders



directly into their company software via tablets. The quotes
and orders are instantly and automatically emailed to the
customer as soon as they're saved. Imagine plumbers on a
job site, entering a service order showing all the materials
used and labor spent on the job directly into their billing
system using tablets; the invoice is instantly emailed to
the customer. Imagine contractors on the job site entering
a quote for a customer using his tablet and the quote
is magically emailed to the customer seconds later. The
customer can then decide on the quote right then and there
and delays are eliminated.
There is no longer a need to imagine any of these
scenarios because software systems have started to add this
mobile functionality to their offerings. It's not practical
to access the desktop version of the accounting or ERP
software system via a mobile device because the limited
screen size makes for a difficult user experience when trying
to navigate the menu systems. Therefore cost effective
apps called "single purpose apps" are being developed to
allow users to perform specific tasks using their mobile
devices from anywhere in the world. For example, users
have one app to enter a sales quote, another app for
inventory availability inquiry and a third app for processing
a service ticket. These are just a few examples of what is
being introduced into business software and will soon be


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