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an urgent situation. Watching the project progress on real-time
dashboards can help remove any angst about the unknowns.
For non-profits and committees, these tools can significantly
streamline efforts of multiple volunteers who have other jobs
and commitments to stay on the same page despite their varied

Go Global. Stay Local.

Some tools such as JoinMe, Skype, and GoToMeeting help
colleagues interact in real-time through voice, chat, and video.
You can take turns presenting by sharing your screen with others
which reduces the need for printing and distributing copies.
Whether you use these platforms to review a document with a
single client or to lead a formal presentation for an entire team,
they offer high personal touch with high-tech efficiency.
For those who are more mobile and have less flexibility to
type messages throughout the day, video apps like Marco Polo
keep clients engaged through video messaging. You and your
client can have an ongoing discussion in real time or simply
record a message for the other person to be notified to watch
when they're ready. Video messages are a great solution for
outmaneuvering time zone differences during time-sensitive
projects. It also helps foster a better client relationship, since
you become familiar with the other person's expressions and
intonations, rather than the occasional emoji that comes with
email. Now you don't have to wonder if the tone in your email
came across appropriately - you simply communicate.

Keeping the Personal Touch

Boscov's Business Travel is proud to be a US Partner of
GlobalStar Travel Management, a worldwide travel
management company representing 85 multinational partners.
We believe in quality and personal attention. Our pricing is
always honest and we offer the latest technology for booking,
reporting and much more. Our corporate team will make sure
your travelers are a priority.
Contact us to make your travel dollars work harder.


Whether you use the latest tech tools or continue to rely on
emails and phone calls to stay in touch, the most important
factor is the relationship you keep. If technology gets in the way,
talk about what works well for each of you and find common
While staying relevant with trends and devices is important,
what's most important is the relationship you cultivate and
nurture. That's why nothing will ever replace the interpersonal
connections you make with people by picking up the phone,
making time to get together over coffee or lunch, or bouncing
ideas in the conference room.
Find a way to get face time with each other to build your
personal connection. If you are too far away for a weekly inperson meeting, then consider planning a quarterly visit. In the
meantime, you can use the convenience of video conference calls
or even Facetime on your iPhone.

Comprehensive Laboratory & Field Services
Reputable & Dependable Technical Expertise

Specializing In:

Drinking Water Testing, Waste Water
Testing, Food & Dairy Analysis,
Swimming Pool Testing , and MUCH more
107 Angelica St.
Reading, PA 19611

With some clients, you can build great friendships that extend
online into your social media channels, getting to know each
other better and appreciate different aspects of each other's lives.
Technology will never be a replacement for personal
connections. Relationships are people-driven, so the most
important thing you can do to nurture and grow your
relationships is evolve with your clients' needs. It's important to
stay relevant in a tech-evolving climate, but you also don't want
to alienate them. Make sure you use technology to expand the
efficiencies of your working relationship. Balance is best.


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