GRCA_CommerceQuarterly_Spring2018 - 26

entrepreneur's corner

Kaleidoscope Angels, LLC

A Conversation with
Jennifer Weeber, owner,
Kaleidoscope Angels, LLC


aleidoscope Angels, LLC, "A Center of Well-Being,"
recently celebrated its one-year anniversary as a business.
Kaleidoscope Angels provides a wide variety of alternative
healing services: from a Himalayan salt room to massage and
reflexology to workshops and yoga. Located in Douglassville,
the center is open seven days a week, with individual and group
appointments available.

CQ: Jennifer, congrats on one year in business! Your center offers
a lengthy list of services related to natural healing. It's clearly a
passion for you! What might someone be surprised to know about
you or your business?

JW: We have only been open a year and are open seven days a week.
It is a bit difficult, but my family does try to plan ahead and make
time for a dinner together often.
CQ: In this year that Kaleidoscope Angels has been open, and in
your journey as a business owner, what have you learned about
JW: Being an overachiever, I was always a little hard on myself.
I have now grown to be more patient. Not everything has to be
completed today!
CQ: That's a useful lesson for anyone! To continue the lessons theme,
what is one thing that every small business owner should do daily?

JW: That I was in the dental field for 28 years! I now feel free to
share my gift of energy healing openly.

JW: Take a deep breath!

CQ: What do you find unique about your field of work?

CQ: In three words, what's your business vision?

JW: It doesn't matter what race, religion, or gender you may be, my
business welcomes you with open arms and will assist you on life's
journey any way you see needed at that time.

JW: BE Your Truth.

CQ: I've seen your social media reviews and comments-it looks
like your customers feel very welcomed! We know this business
venture is a labor of love. As a small business owner, how do you
maintain a work-life balance?

CQ: I love it! Lastly, what is your business best known for?
JW: Helping those that feel lost in their life, looking for change
or tired of living the patterns that don't serve them in the most
positive way. The result is truly amazing!
CQ: Thank you, Jennifer, for joining us, and we wish you all the
JW: Thank you.


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