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Include Kutztown On
Your Summer Bucket List
Shena Hesselbein, Kutztown Community Partnership


utztown is great any time of the year, but there is something
charming about this town in the summertime. The population
drops as the majority of students head back to their hometowns for the summer. Locals frequent the restaurants, shops, and
parks and weekend after weekend is filled with annual summertime
events, several of which are sponsored by the Kutztown Community
Partnership. It really is the best time to come to this town. Here are
the top ten reasons to visit Kutztown, and that just gets you started.
Visit our calendar of local events at to see
everything going on this summer. Enjoy!


The ActionTrackUSA Races

Almost every Wednesday from May through August and
during the entire week of the Kutztown Fair, Action Track USA hosts
a variety of mini races on the race track at the Kutztown Fairgrounds.
The stands always fill up as this is a one-of-a-kind family event.


Kutztown Kruizz

The last Saturday in July, Main Street gets shut down as
muscle cars come from all over to strut their stuff downtown for
the annual Kutztown Kruizz sponsored by Kutztown Community
Partnership. Cars are lined up as far as the eye can see while patrons
walk the street admiring the beauty of the old. Live music plays
in the background and many local establishments offer dining
specials or their own events to coincide with the show on the
street. Once the day is over, all the cars kruizz to the Kutztown
Park where The Fabulous Greaseband puts on a concert you will
not want to miss. This year's event will be held Saturday, July 28th.


Crystal Cave

Many people may not think of the underground when they
think of Kutztown, but the great Crystal Cave is an attraction you
surely don't want to miss. As the most popular natural attraction in



Pennsylvania, it boasts beautiful rock formations. The cave remains
at a comfortable 52 degrees year round. Perfect for a hot summer


Taste of Kutztown

Held every year in the Kutztown Park, hosted by the Kutztown
Rotary Club, local food vendors, wineries, breweries, shops and more
set up in the park to showcase their very best. You can enjoy everything
from bacon on a stick to garlic wine and more. Each year this event
gets bigger and better, yet tickets remain extremely affordable for
such an outstanding event. This year's event will be held Saturday,
June 9th.


Local Wineries and Breweries

Did you know that within 15 minutes of downtown Kutztown
there are at least five wineries and two breweries? There are even more
if you travel just ten minutes further. This area is great for growing
grapes and brewing beer as all of the local vineyards and breweries will
tell you. We are quickly turning into Pennsylvania's equivalent of Long
Island or the Finger Lakes. Each winery and brewery has something
different to offer, not just in their libations, but in atmosphere. Many
offer outside seating, food trucks to accompany their wine tastings,
live music, outdoor games, and more. Visit both the Lehigh Valley
Wine Trail and Berks County Wine Trail sites to see the full list of
local wineries.


Borough of Kutztown's Concert Series

Each year the Borough hosts weekly concerts in the historic
Kutztown Park Bandshell. The performers vary from local favorites
to nationally known, but none of them will disappoint. Sheltered
from the weather, crowds can gather rain or shine to dance to the
melodies as the sun sets over town. Visit the Borough website at to view 2018's lineup and don't miss this year's
43rd annual Flag Day Concert on Tuesday, June 12, at 7:30 p.m.

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