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fantastic. We have such a diverse customer
base in terms of ages and interests. It's
good clean fun, whether you're age 12 or
75. To see how these different groups-for
instance a family with three generations,
including grandparents, parents, and
kids-interact and experience the room
and the game is very gratifying.
SHL: What's the best business advice you
ever received from a mentor or peer?
Your business vision in three words-go!
JF/MM: Customer Experience, Teamwork,
SHL: Even though you've only been open
for a short time, people are already talking
quite a bit about your business and the
experience you provide. What do you
think your business is best known for?
MM: A truly immersive, interactive
and fun experience. A recent review on
Facebook from a player in the "Bikers
Revenge" said: The room was so much
fun. The staff is fantastic. Different,
challenging, exciting. I loved it and can't
wait to go back for the next room!!!
SHL: Complete this sentence: "Doing
business in Berks...."
JF: Doing business in Berks County is
great. We're now a part of the vibrant
Penn Avenue landscape in West Reading
and are partnering with many of the same
restaurants and shops that we support as
customers. The area continues to flourish
and evolve and it's exciting to contribute
to its evolution as a destination for both
residents of Berks County and visitors
to it.
SHL: What motivated you to start your
MM: We were very bullish about the
potential for an immersive, escape
experience in Berks County. It's a fun,
dynamic activity for a wide demographic.
Given my experience in Bethlehem, we
thought it would be a great fit for West
Reading and were very pleased to find
the space where we are now located, the
basement level of Say Cheese! restaurant.
SHL: What is your biggest challenge as
a small business, and what resources in
Berks have you used to overcome it?
JF: Escape rooms are new to so many
people, so just generating awareness and
educating people on 'what is an escape
room' is challenging. However, it's a
huge opportunity to reach escape room

enthusiasts from other areas surrounding
Berks. We are working closely with our
local partners, including Mark Ratcliffe of
the West Reading Main Street program and
neighboring business like Say Cheese! and
the West Reading Tavern, to help spread
the word, and the local media has been
supportive in their role, too.

Marcelo's entrepreneurial history in Ecuador
includes an architectural firm, a printing
business, a construction company, a millwork
company, and a property developer.

Jeremy, along with a local partner, opened
the first fly fishing lodge in Chilean Tierra
del Fuego, leasing the hunting and fishing
SHL: One last question to close: Finish rights on two ranches with total acreage over
this sentence! You might be interested to 550,000 acres, similar in size to Berks County.
And the fishing was exceptional!
JF/MM: ...that both co-owners have been
owners and operators of a number of

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