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spotlight on: new staff

New Staff!

As the New Year swings into full gear, the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance added
new talent in December 2017 and January 2018 to move forward a variety of important
initiatives. Learn more about the new faces around GRCA, and say hello at an upcoming
event, training, or any time you visit the GRCA offices.

The GRCA welcomed Sara "Sally"
Stewart as its first-ever CFO. Previously
Stewart was Principal in RKL's Audit
Services Group, focusing on the nonprofit
and governmental sectors. She is a CPA
with over twenty years of experience in
financial accounting and reporting. She
graduated summa cum laude from Mount
Saint Mary's College with bachelor's degrees
in accounting and business and finance.
As part of her audit practice work at RKL,
Sally managed a team that conducted the
annual financial audits for the Greater Berks
Development Fund, the largest of the three
affiliated entities by assets. The GRCA itself has an annual operating
budget of $2.8 million and net assets of $14 million.
In addition to her professional resume, Sally serves as Treasurer on
the Board of Directors for St. Ignatius Catholic Youth Organization. She
is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
(AICPA) and the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants
(PICPA). Originally from Berks County, she currently lives in Mohrsville
with her husband and two sons.

Her husband is a local staffing agency business owner (and Chamber
Member). Frassinelli and her husband have one son and a boxer/coon
hound mixed dog. Frassinelli is a fan of our area's restaurant scene,
and loves trying the new restaurants our region has to offer.
Derek Harris was appointed Research
& Data Specialist. A former intern for the
Greater Reading Economic Partnership,
Harris is a Berks County native. He graduated from West Chester University's Honors
College with a B.A. in Political Science
with a concentration in Public Policy. He
is currently working on his M.A. in Public
Administration at West Chester University.
In his spare time, Harris enjoys cooking
(scallops with truffle risotto is his specialty),
mixology, and computer building.

Rachael Romig joined GRCA as Special
Programs Coordinator. Working directly with Karen Marsdale, Rachael will be
overseeing event execution and growth of
both Women2Women and the Berks Family
Business Alliance programs. Focused and
According to GRCA President & CEO Randy Peers, "With the
always energetic, Rachael loves meeting new
merging of the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry
people, creating lasting relationships and
with the Greater Berks Development Fund and the Greater Reading
helping the community at large. Getting
Economic Partnership, consolidated financial management has gotten
the chance to empower women to be their
more complex. Sally brings a wealth of experience and the expertise
best selves, at any age, is an important
necessary to further the successful integration of all three entities
mission for Rachael and why she is also on
under the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance banner."
the Board of Directors of Girls on the Run
Sara Frassinelli joined the GRCA
of Berks County. She also offers her talents
as Marketing Associate. Frassinelli will as the Senior Event Planner & Volunteer Coordinator for Guts &
focus on day-to-day marketing priorities, Glory, nonprofit My Gut Instinct's annual health & wellness expo.
including social media, website, and gen- In Rachael's free time you can find her mingling at a community
eral marketing needs. Prior to coming event, visiting a local restaurant with her husband, or reading a book
to GRCA, Frassinelli was employed by under a blanket. Rachael also opened her own business Just Breathe.
EnerSys; she also worked in the Reading Weddings & Events in December 2017 and offers a personalized
Eagle Company's advertising department. consulting & coordination experience for events and weddings of all
Frassinelli is a graduate of Penn State sizes. Previously Romig was Director of Sales at Candlewood Suites
University with a B.A. in Journalism. She West Reading; prior to that, she was Sales & Marketing Director for
is an experienced advertising and marketing ViVA Catering.
professional with a special fondness for logos.

Commerce Quarterly
Focus Group
Scott Burky
E4 Strategic Consultancy
Chrissy Faller
The Anderson Group
Kristi Gage-Linderman
GAGE Personnel

Dr. Jill Hackman
Berks County Intermediate Unit

Nicole Kocher Muncaciu
Reading Health System

Connie Skipper
Berks County Intermediate Unit

Alicia Hartman
United Way of Berks County

Zachary Kuhn
Prizer Painter Stove Works

Sara Stump
Suburban Testing Labs

Dave Hessen

Brian Levan
Levan Machine & Truck Equipment

Emily Walker

Tracy Hoffmann
Hoffmann Publishing

Megan Maslar

Andy Wernick
Industrial Plywood

Carl "CJ" Joyner


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