LancasterThrivingSummerFall2017 - 11

On the Run

Amtrak, Uber, Waze

New York City is someplace I always love to visit and it's
convenient to jump on the train from Lancaster. Using
the Amtrak app makes it extremely can search
trains, purchase tickets and be on your way. The e-ticket
saves me from having to print out, and worry, about a ticket.
Since Uber has arrived, I love that I don't really need to
drive outside of the city. I use it when going out rather than
driving myself; it's so convenient. I also use it when I travel
rather than renting a car. But, if I am driving myself, I rely on
Waze. I am awful with directions so I'm happy I can put in an
address and it will make sure I get there...especially when
I am travelling. Added bonus: it will warn you about police,
items on the road or traffic delays (if another driver has
tagged them).

Keeping me in check
Lose it!

Let's face it, as you get older it's harder and harder to keep
your weight under control. I can easily go down the path of
binging on pizza or cheese, so this app helps me keep it to
a minimum! I set goals for myself and track what I'm eating
and my exercise.


Home Life

Sonos, Xfinity, Honeywell and Ally

One of the best things we installed at home this year was a
Sonos system. I love that we can surround ourselves in music
even up on the roof deck! We are always adding music
to playlists, so the tunes are ready to go at a moment's
notice. The Xfinity app is the only way I can figure out the TV
and I always know where to find it! Heating and cooling a
warehouse space can be challenging at times, but with my
Honeywell app I can adjust when heat/cool comes on in the
house so the HVAC system is not running unnecessarily. And,
I can do that remotely as well...if I'm gone all day Saturday, I
can adjust it and then bump it back on when driving home. I
made the switch to online banking years ago. Ally makes it
so easy to check balances, transfer money and keep tabs on
my accounts...the ability to scan a check with my phone and
have it deposit is the best thing ever, in my opinion.

Time Tracking
ESS Mobile

At Nimblist, we are continuously fine-tuning our process and
looking for ways to improve. A year ago, we implemented
a time tracking system across the board, including our
temporary employees who come on and off gigs. By using
this app, our team can enter hours anywhere by gig or by
team depending on what they are working on. I can use
the data for budget forecasting and resource allocation. It's
helping us work smarter.

Pinterest, Instagram

When I'm stuck and need creative inspiration, I can turn to
Pinterest or Instagram. Surfing posts from all over the world
always give me a different perspective. I use these sites at
least every couple of days. I'm currently curating a Board for
our possible master bathroom remodel.

Out and About

No more carrying all my discount/membership/healthcare/
loyalty program cards with me in my wallet and then
digging thru them in the check-out line. I scan them
into Stocard and I'm off. I have an alert set so if there
are discounts for cards I have stored, it will let me know.
Honestly, this is a great app and for the most part it works
well. I think the adoption rate locally for this technology is
not as good as I would like...not all of my doctors will accept
my scanned healthcare card for example...but it's getting
better! Maybe if more people start using it, they will get on
board. (hint, hint)


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