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their families but don't have the means
to purchase supplies at the prices they
would typically find at other art and
crafts supply stores.
"All of the things we do are under
our umbrella program that we call
HOPE," Montanye said. "Hospitality
is treating everybody like they are an
equal. Opportunity is giving people
the opportunity to come in and do
volunteer work, socialize, and actually
get the materials they need at low cost.
Prosperity is where you see a boom in
the lives of the people who are getting
these items, giving them the chance
to create and find enjoyment. And
Empowerment is where our workshops
come in because that's where we give
people the confidence to create."
Art of Recycle has grown substantially
since incorporating as a non-profit.
"Every year in the past five years since
we've been incorporated as a nonprofit, we would double our sales," said
Mr. Nobody. "This year, moving from
the old building to this building, we
quadrupled instead of just doubled."
"And we're still seeing a steady
increase," Montanye said. "It's been an
incredible journey."
You can learn more about the
community-building work of Art
of Recycle on their website - www. Or just stop by. You
never know what treasures you may
find! LT

Communications Manager,
Lancaster Chamber
Contact Audrey at afiskeesbenshade


In 2016, the Art of Recycle team launched an
initiative "...designed to stretch the dollars of
non-profit organizations' and public schools'
budgets by finding and sourcing arts and
crafts materials for their art programs." The
team entered this program - called Art is a
Necessity - in the Lancaster Chamber's 2016 #IMPACTLANCASTER Innovation
Challenge, and won first prize. In 2017, alone, the program has served 210
organizations, including nearly 1,000 teachers, and momentum continues
to grow.


Here's what one local educator had to say about the impact the
Art is a Necessity has on her students:
"Art of Recycle has been a huge blessing to our school! I am an IU13 Job
Trainer that works at the Ephrata High School with their students with learning
disabilities. My job is to help students learn job skills and help them find their
interests. Art of Recycle has been so gracious to have our students volunteer.
Students have sorted through donated supplies, helped to make the dragon in
the craft room and even learned how to use the price gun. The students
love coming!
"Our Life Skills and Basic Occupational Skills class have benefited greatly
through Art of Recycle's donations to the classrooms. Both of these classes
participate in the IU13 Bazaar. Lancaster and Lebanon districts are invited to sell
crafts at the bazaar that is held at the IU13 in both the winter and spring. All of
the money that is made goes directly
back to the students. Students have
used the money towards trips to the
Lancaster Barnstormers and other
social skills outings. These outings
are SO important. It gives us a
chance to take the classroom into the
community and teach important skills
like how to ride public transportation,
how to purchase items, how to use
manners and the list could go
on forever."
- Nicole Thomas,
Job Trainer, Lancaster Lebanon
IU-13, Early Childhood and
Special Education Services,
Job Training Services


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