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So, what was the secret that allowed The H&H Group to
shepherd their business and their employees through the
transition to a more successful company?
The Three C's - Communication. Communication.
As Kohler put it, "It was lots of communication over and
over again."
And her employees shared a similar perspective. When
asked what the leadership of the company did to support
the staff during the transition, Mike Williams, who has been
employed at the company since 2006 and is now the vice
president and Kohler's business partner, said, "I felt like I
knew where we were heading, for the most part, the whole

way there. Knowing that we are all in it together and the 'why'
behind the change makes everything easier to deal with."
But, as Williams pointed out, for any transition to be
successful, the communication must go both ways. "If you
don't know what is going on, ask. Communication is not
just receiving information. It is also a proactive search
for information."
Nicole Carbo, sales representative for signage and printing
for The H&H Group, shared similar sentiments. "I always
felt I could voice my opinion. I am a processor, so believe
me, I went over it in my head several times before sharing a
concern or challenge, but when done professionally and with
thought, it was respected, and I always felt that way."
Of course, in order for employees to feel safe and
comfortable approaching their leaders with questions
and concerns, there must be a culture in the company
that welcomes open, honest feedback and encourages

24 | LANCASTERTHRIVING! | Fall/Winter2017

respectful two-way communication between employees and
leadership and from employee to employee.
Kedren Crosby, president of Work Wisdom LLC in Lancaster,
agrees that one of the best ways that employees can help
themselves and their co-workers through transition is
communication. "Communicating authentically with each
other about the emotional and operational aspects of
new beginnings can allow employees to gain widespread
acceptance about why the ending needs to occur, become
creative in readying themselves for the new beginning, and
explore new archetypes and identities that allow them to live
into this next better version of themselves."
"Also, we know that humor and laughter go a long way in

workplace well-being and team high-performance," she
continued. "Be constructive and positive, and find ways to
enjoy each other."
Williams learned quickly during the transitions that took
place at The H&H Group that good communication practices
not only helped him process through the emotional roller
coaster that comes with deep change, but it also helped
him support his co-workers. "I process verbally. While that
is sometimes annoying, in a period of change it allows the
freedom for others to vent. It provides opportunities to
explore the new possibilities, and let people see that the new
idea, the change, may hold a nice future for them."
Of course, communication is not the only way that
employees can help themselves and others, including
company leadership, transition well to the new structure.
Williams found that choosing to actively engage in the
process helped the transition go more smoothly for him and
for everyone. "Become part of the future state. On purpose,"


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