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he recommends. "Don't wait for someone to offer you
that position or role. Take charge! Make it happen. Get the
learning you need, do the job, express interest! See yourself
in the future, and make it happen."
That mindset also served Carbo well. While The H&H Group
was going through their company-wide transition, Carbo
found herself needing to transition through several different
changes in her role at the organization. "I started off in our
customer service department and moved into that team lead
role, and quickly transitioned into operations, which is where,
at that time, I felt my strengths were, and I would ultimately
end up. I held the director of operations role for about a
year before some of the changes required me to get in front

There when it matters most.

of customers on a regular basis and move out of the daily
operations role. Face-to-face with customers was where I
could make the biggest impact for the company at that exact
moment. It was a short-term plan.
"That was stressful!" she continued. "I didn't consider myself
a sales person and still don't to this day. Once I got over
that fact that I didn't have to sound like or act like what I
considered a stereotypical sales person to be, I started
having fun. Because I was encouraged to do it in a way that
worked for me, I was able to grow into the role and never
looked back."
It's clear that whether you're an employee of a company
that is making a change, whether big or small, or one of the
leaders of that company who is trying to help employees,
navigating the transition with confidence and enthusiasm,
authentic, transparent, open, and respectful communication
is imperative.



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