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or 30 years, Larry Kennel worked as a veterinarian.

More specifically, he did embryo transfers in cattle. He
bought acreage in Mount Joy in 1985 to board cattle
that needed special care through the transfer process.

But the site looks a little bit different today.
In 2006, Larry learned the soil at his site was special - and
particularly good for growing grapes.
And that's how the Vineyard at Grandview was born.
Larry, who was 62 at the time, says his family was interested
in the venture right away. "I think they saw I needed help,"
he laughs. "They probably saw I wasn't young enough to
continue for a long period of time by myself, so now the
whole family's in trouble."
But being "in trouble" looks good on the Kennel family.
Larry's wife of 50 years, Marilyn, does the winery's book
work. The couple lives on the property and they have four
children, all of whom help or have helped out with the
business. Their eldest son Reuben laid the beautiful wood
flooring in the winery's tasting room, and their younger son
Nathan developed their website. Their two daughters - Fran
Kratz and Sarah Haines - continue to assist in the business,
and have brought their husbands into it, as well.
Eldest daughter Fran, an emergency room physician at
a local hospital, assists with marketing and events, even
helping to create wine bottle labels. Her husband, Steve, is
a trained mechanic and works as the winery's equipment

manager. Sarah is a physical therapist and handles the
winery's social media and marketing. Her husband, Scott,
has done all the winery's plumbing and dabbles in electrical
and heating as well.
"My family's skills are quite extensive in terms of what we
need here," Larry says. "It makes it work."
Larry says it was his daughters who had the idea to begin
hosting weddings at the vineyard, something that has grown
very popular over the last several seasons. The vineyard also
plays host to many events throughout the year including
trick-or-treat in the vineyard, paint nights, deck concerts and
even a bluegrass festival.
And Larry is proud of his family for the work they do beyond
the wine.
"One of the things we try to do best is hospitality," he says.
"Because that's what happens after the wine is made.
"We have a good vineyard site here in terms of soil and sun
exposure and slopes and all that. It's really good for growing
grapes. But we also want to do the hospitality thing
really well."
Though Larry grew up on a dairy farm and has been
involved with farming since he was six years old, he needed


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