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LCSWMA's campaign committee also organizes competitive
challenges and prize incentives to create excitement and
build momentum for the ExtraGive. "One of the most
rewarding thing is that our employees feel so engaged in
the process," said Sandoe. "They come up with the ideas, the
activities, the prizes. It feels like their campaign, because it
really is!"
In addition to giving their treasure, employees are also
eager to give their time to making Lancaster's largest day of
fundraising a success. On the day of the ExtraGive, Rhoads
Energy employees are present at each stop of the "Givingmobile" and also host a Happy Hour of giving, complete
with several community giving stations, at the Federal
Taphouse in downtown Lancaster.
Meanwhile, dedicated team members from Atomic Design
are busy in the weeks and days leading up to the ExtraGive,
brainstorming, designing, constructing and installing
the eye-catching sets and staging for the ExtraGive's big
celebrations at the Lancaster Marriott. "Most of the projects
we work on are out of this area, so many employees don't
get to actually see the fruits of their labor," said Atomic
Design Chief Operating Officer Lydia Henry. "In addition
to the fundraising aspect, volunteering our time to the
Extraordinary Give appealed to us because it gives our
employees an opportunity to showcase their incredible
talents locally and celebrate what they do as professionals
with their families and friends."
Companies that participate in this and other well-known
philanthropic events often get questions like "Are we doing
the ExtraGive again this year?" or positive comments on

34 | LANCASTERTHRIVING! | Fall/Winter2017

"Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2017
Extraordinary Give possible! Lancaster County is one of the
most generous communities in the nation, and we couldn't
make it happen without your continued support.
Lancaster is an extraordinary community, and together
we're ready to shape the future of Lancaster County!"
Lancaster County Community Foundation

employee engagement surveys. There's plenty of anecdotal
feedback to convince all of the companies interviewed
that their involvement helps create happier, more
engaged employees.
LCSWMA's Sandoe said, "It's fun, it's meaningful and it's a
really great way for our employees to help make Lancaster
a wonderful place to live, work and recreate. Who wouldn't
want to be a part of that?" LT
Director, Corporate Communications and
Public Relations, Armstrong Flooring
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