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idea." Without STEM, he says some students may miss that
they actually like the sciences. "Maybe they never knew
they could code robots, create apps, or develop an artist's
eye in graphic design," he contends. "My passion is to give
all students exposure to these and to spark curiosity, foster
interest, and help them discover their inner genius."
Eastern Lancaster County School District, like many districts
in our area, is a big supporter of these new programs. "STEM
is a different type of creativity and problem-solving," says
Superintendent Robert Hollister, "and it's really a commercial
for a career path. It's a great counter-balance to the more
traditional academic study that is so prominent because of
the PSSAs. It's also a great way to engage some students
who don't normally get engaged. STEM teaches kids to think
in a different way. They're literally inventing paths to answers
that sometimes even teachers don't forecast. It also facilitates
teamwork, which is a critical skill."

Case New Holland, will be hosting it next summer. Judging
by the comments from the first program, there's already
a line. LT
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While the externship was organized to assist educators with
helping students head toward their first-choice careers,
other ripple effects became visible. Gordon witnessed
morale being boosted at High Companies. "Our employees
were able to be involved with educators and talk about
what they do. You could see their pride and enthusiasm as
they highlighted their skills and how they add value to the
services and products. It's a really neat side effect."

TONO Group is a family of companies
centered around transformative design
& operational excellence. We design for
people first. 

Attendees gave the externship a 100% effectiveness
response regarding its main goal. One teacher thanked
the organizers "for re-energizing me and reminding me...
why I got into the teaching field." Another had "been an
educator for over 20 years, and this was the best training I
have ever been a part of." Yet a third appreciated becoming
better informed about "the relationship of school and
employment." Many noted they hoped to attend next year or
were recommending others from their schools to go.
The externship was so successful that another company,

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