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With a vision in mind, it was time to enlist the help of
individuals and companies that could transform an existing
City building into a state-of-the-art hub that could serve
the entire business community. This wasn't an easy task
and required the expertise of architects, contractors and
engineers. The dedication and commitment by Warfel
Construction Company, RLPS Architects and Providence
Engineering to the process was the start of something
monumental for our community.
And so, our vision quickly became a reality...
It started from the top, down...

on the building fa├žade and internal decorative walls is what
gets the most attention. The decorative slate, installed in the
conference room, required that the wall be reinforced with
plywood in order to support the weight of 650 pieces of
North Country slate. We also installed a decorative copper
wall in the executive conference room. (Check out the digital
edition to watch this wall being installed.)
We are proud to support the expanded reach of the
Chamber's new model, which strives to serve all businesses
in the community, not just those who are members. GSM is
honored to be included on the founder's wall as a financial
contributor to the Chamber and the future of our business
community." - Reed Gooding, President, GSM Roofing; and
Brian Dombach, President, GSM Industrial
Moving from the roof, it was time to focus on the
functionality and aesthetic beauty of the ceiling.
The design team at RLPS knew the ceilings could make or
break the look and feel of the environment they envisioned
for our new home. They also knew they could rely on
Lancaster-based Armstrong World Industries to help them
create ceiling solutions throughout the building that
delivered a contemporary, elegant, bright aesthetic while
maximizing natural light, integrating LED lighting and
technology, and managing acoustical stability.

helped us keep out the elements with a new roof; as
well add beauty to the interior.
Serving the community for 47 years under The Gooding
Group umbrella are two businesses that specialize in
building, constructing, manufacturing and fabricating
products that give peace of mind. Whether it's the
installation and maintenance of commercial and specialty
roofing to custom metal fabrication, specializing in industrial
equipment installation and repair, machining and contract
manufacturing services, The Gooding Group is poised to
enhance internal structures. And, such was the case with our
building project. Their work spanned from the top, down.
"As members of the Lancaster Chamber since
1959, we were thrilled to be selected to work
on the new building. While we did install a new
Firestone EPDM roof on the building, our work

Whew! A tall order, yes, but that's what Armstrong is all about:
making a difference where people live, work, learn, heal and
play by providing ceiling solutions that make spaces great...
and comfortable...and quiet...and efficient....and more.


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