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Lancaster County; and invites companies to participate by
purchasing licenses from the Lancaster Chamber for any
and all of their employees to address training needs.
Finally, in that the workforce challenge facing Lancaster
County is, by all accounts, a long-term problem, the need to
look beyond the here-and-now is critical.

imply, is also a tremendous source for workforce training,
with an emphasis on the un- or under-employed worker
and a placement program aimed at getting employers the
workers they need.
One recent program added to their menu is specific to
"soft skills" training - an oft-mentioned concern of local
companies. The program, available through an on-line,
interactive tool, assists individuals in identifying current
shortcomings and offers customized training to "fill-in-thegaps."
The significance of the issue in our community is also
driving unique partnerships, such as the one that has
resulted around the SkillUp Lancaster program, an initiative
sponsored by the Chamber, the Workforce Development
Board and the Community Action Partnership.
The program offers more than 4,500 on-line courses to
employers, employees and the unemployed on topics from
computer programming to English as a second language;
from manufacturing credentials to customer service; and
from LEAN training to human resources support.
The partnership around this program enables individuals the
opportunity to directly access the training through the WDB
and other Community Based Organizations throughout

54 | LANCASTERTHRIVING! | Spring/Summer2017

An example of that is happening this August when the High
Companies, in collaboration with the Lancaster County
STEM Alliance and the Chamber, will be hosting a threeday comprehensive training program for up to 50 teachers
and counselors from all local school districts wherein they
will learn, first-hand, about local job opportunities. The
intent of this pilot program is to provide educators with
the information they need to prepare our children for jobs
of the future. The STEM Alliance is hopeful that this pilot
program can be replicated in other industries throughout
the county.
Rest assured, the above just scratches the surface on the
programs and services underway to alleviate the workforce
challenges that stand to threaten our economic success.
So you can take some comfort in the fact that if you have a
unique workforce need, there is likely help in the county to
come to the rescue.
Look to the Chamber as a resource to make the connections
you need to solve your unique challenges. And, keep us
informed as to how we can be the best partner possible
to assist.

President & CEO
Lancaster Chamber
Contact Tom at

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