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is changing the face of industrial warehousing by creating a
system that not only protects the workers inside these plants,
but also increases profits by reducing product damage and
streamlining the material handling process. Industry insiders
call Ross' integrated racking system a game changer. Closer
to home you'll find Ross' cantilever racks inside of Lowes®
and Home Depot®.
Given the magnitude and intensity of what they produce, it's
a wonder Ross has managed to fly under the radar in our
local business community.

product is designed to meet specified standards based
on potential attack conditions. And, it doesn't come cheap,
especially crash-testing the perimeter security product
line. The most recent test for Ross' Anti-Ram Post and Beam
Fence had a price tag of $100,000 for each round
of testing.
Check out the digital version of Thriving!
to see Ross' product testing in action!
Otto says the company's success is two-fold, starting with its
founder, Donald E. Speicher, and ending with the talent and
work ethic found inside the company's three locations.
Otto describes Speicher's business model as successfully
opportunistic. Racking was just one of the opportunities
he grabbed onto in the '70s after being approached
to fabricate products for one of the largest racking
manufacturers in the country. It was that job which gave
birth to an idea that would later become significant to
Ross' success.
"The genius of what Don did was deciding to manufacture
unique products for niche markets and diversifying
the company's product portfolio to weather economic
downturns. And, in many cases there are only a handful of
other companies making products like ours. Ross was built
on finding and capitalizing on these opportunities."


As for the future, Otto says it's exciting. Ross is currently
focused on developing new and innovative products that
provide value for its customers and increase profitability for
the company. As with any business, Otto believes it is crucial
to constantly examine the product lines and evaluate the
relevancy in each market. Having the flexibility to change
when needed is another way Otto says Ross maintains its
competitive edge.

When people learn about Ross, they are instinctively
impressed by the complexity of its arsenal of anti-terrorism
products. Equally impressive, however, is the innovation
behind its massive industrial storage systems and the impact
on improving safety for the men and women who work in
"We still evaluate every new opportunity, but we are
industrial plants across North America.
committed to leveraging our position as an industry leader
"Our responsibility to our industrial storage customers is what
within each of our existing markets. Our focus is being better
can actually keep me up at night," states Otto.
at our chosen product lines, creating quality products and
"We engineer every beam, every weld and every bolt to
delivering outstanding customer services." LT
withstand a given load. We can control the design quality
and durability of what we build, but we can't control the
human element and the potential that someone may
Communications Director, Scheffey
overload a rack, compromising the safety of human lives. To
Contact Hope at
me, that is stressful and is the reason we design our products
to exceed industry loading standards."
The R&D and testing of Ross' architectural and perimeter
security products carry their own load of stress, as each


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