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ideas and programs, and builds an environment that fosters
originality. "It's really a fantastic means of taking what is
implicit in your culture and making it explicit, and then
shaping the future of your company," she says.



Revisiting your core values can be a game changer.
The process helps you tease out what is most important,
which values can be combined, and what has-and has
RETTEW was able to capture its existing seven statements
in five memorable affirmations. The explanations here
reflect the shaping of the new pronouncements.
1. EXCELLENCE - This new statement doesn't capture a
new cultural norm, but embodies aspects of previously
stated values, such as:
* An Empowered Workforce: An empowered
workforce is more motivated and better serves our
clients. Employees are trusted and respected to do
what's best for the client and for RETTEW.
* Continuous Quality Improvement: We must
continually measure and evaluate our effectiveness
to determine how we can do better. Everyone in
the organization is responsible for finding ways to
improve things. Close enough is never good enough.
2. INTEGRITY - Remaining virtually intact from its
previous declaration, integrity continues to reinforce
its culture.
3. RELATIONSHIPS - A newly stated value, this combines
three prior core values: Family Atmosphere, Superior
Client Relations and Teamwork.
4. SAFETY - The importance the company places on
safety was not new, but this value needed to be
officially stated because of the type of work the
company performs.
5. STEWARDSHIP - The previous value that most
informed this new one was Develop Workforce to Its
Fullest Potential. Stewardship can mean so much more,
which is why it was expanded to include internal and
financial stewardship as well as external, community,
and environmental stewardship.

26 | LANCASTERTHRIVING! | Winter/Spring2017

RETTEW finds its value of stewardship can attract desirable
employees. "What a company believes and does in the
community is a major driver in deciding who millennials
want to work for," says Barron. "All things being equal, if one
company has a much stronger social responsibility, most are
going with that company because that's a personal value
they want supported." Henry also keeps the values handy
while interviewing: "I'll ask candidates which value they most
gravitate to or struggle the most with, and we'll talk
about that."
Unless a company regularly examines its values, successful
recruiting can be a challenge. Crosby notes, "A common
problem is that some organizations lack clarity around
their cultural identity. They'll hire people who don't fit, and
they're confounded as to why those people aren't helping
the organization move forward the way they want it to."
Recognizing unspoken norms and values is a must. "Let's
say the essence of that organization is actually rigor or
prudence," she points out, "but they keep hiring people who
are creative innovators. It ends up being a misfit."
Ultimately, revisiting values can clarify behaviors companies
want to cultivate. "Maybe they need to become more agile,"
Crosby suggests. "What does that look like? Or what does
valuing the customer mean in terms of changing culture?"
Once the values are discerned, she says, "You can micromanage less because you have these beacons, and you tell
everyone: 'We know what they are, and we're living
into these.'" LT
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