LP Spring 2018 - 7


LG Health Expansion

Lancaster General Hospital's new Frederick Building, opening this spring, will begin the hospital's conversion to all private inpatient rooms. Patient rooms in the new Frederick
Building are designed to increase privacy, reduce noise, and improve the overall patient experience.

Dr. Addis said input from physicians and
other care team members was instrumental in
planning the new building's design. Private
rooms in particular will be a "game changer"
for both patients and physicians, he said.
"It can be challenging to have a delicate
conversation with a patient and their family
with another patient on the other side of the
curtain," he said. "In times of illness, I think
people just want to have their own space."
The hospital's total bed count will remain
the same, the conversion to private inpatient
rooms also will improve the bed assignment
process for patients awaiting an admission,
Dr. Addis said. For example, patients won't
have to wait for an isolation or other specific
room type to become available.
He expects the new building's design will
increase rounding efficiencies for physicians,
who will spend less time walking back and
forth to see patients. Hospitalists in particular
will be dedicated exclusively to several units.
Less wasted motion for rounding physicians will in turn lead to earlier discharges
and greater overall patient satisfaction, said
Dr. Addis, who has practiced as a hospitalist
for 27 years.
"Placing the attending physician in closer
proximity to the patient, the nursing staff,
and other members of the patient care team

significantly improves the efficiencies of
patient care as well as communication and
care coordination," he said.
The new patient aggregation model also
will increase opportunities to include more
members of the care team in staff huddles
and interdisciplinary rounding, which is
shown to improve patient care. Working
more closely together as a team also boosts
professional well-being.
In advance of the new building's opening, LGH has upgraded communications
technology. LGH Mobile, a secure iPhonebased app, will enable physicians and other
members of the care team to communicate
and collaborate more quickly and efficiently.
Additional technology upgrades include
an interactive patient education and communication system, OneView. The new
in-room system will enable physicians to
display a patient's X-ray or lab results on a
large screen, which will enhance engagement
and shared decision-making.
"This is a very tangible way for patients
to participate in their care, which helps
them to feel more empowered," Dr. Addis
said. "It will lead to further questions and
conversation, which to me is very energizing.
It also breeds trust."




The new in-room technology eventually
will enable video chats with the primary-care
physician for a care handoff before the patient
leaves the hospital.
"Seeing a familiar physician on the screen,
especially during discussion of important
topics, will help with transition of care," Dr.
Addis said. "It will also save time in the end
for the primary-care provider."
The design of the Frederick Building also
includes handwashing stations located directly inside the doorway to patient rooms. This
will serve as a visual cue for physicians and
allow patients to actually see the physician
washing his or her hands.
The new rooms will come with another
perk: a stool especially for physicians. (Patient
rooms already have designated physician
seating, but there's usually someone or
something in the seat, Dr. Addis said.)
"Having a seated conversation with the
patient contributes to a positive experience,
because the patient perceives that you are
spending more time with them," he said.
"Having dedicated stools for physicians will
hopefully improve patient satisfaction-and
rest our feet."


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