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erhaps no one better understands the value
of the Cancer Support Community of the
Greater Lehigh Valley than its executive
director, Amanda K. Buss.

the first occurrence. She clung to her mother,
turning down invitations from friends because
she wanted to spend every minute with Amanda.

that it would be a lifeline for herself, her husband
and their daughter. They remained involved
with the group as Amanda continued to bravely
fight cancer.

Amanda knew she needed help for her daughter,
but didn't know where to turn. One day while
Four years later, she was hired as executive
waiting in her oncologist's office, she saw a listing director of Cancer Support Community, a
of services of the Cancer Support Community position in which she has served for nearly a year.
of the Greater Lehigh Valley. Although hesitant, Since her initial diagnosis, Amanda currently
she decided to take Madalyn to a kids' support lives with metastatic breast cancer and will be
group there. In that group setting, Madalyn in treatment for the rest of her life. Cancer
got to know other kids who were facing the Support Community has meant the world to
Four years later, however, Amanda received the same fears and uncertainties that she was. She Amanda and her family, and she is thrilled to
devastating news that the cancer had returned, saw other cancer patients who had no hair, and serve as its director.
metastasizing to her spine, liver, ovaries, bones learned that she and her family were not alone.
and pancreas. More difficult chemotherapy and
"I walk through the door every day, knowing
radiation followed, and with the new rounds
Madalyn took a lot of comfort from the group, that my efforts are helping others living with
of treatment, Amanda had another big worry.
and it eased Amanda's burden to know that her cancer and giving back to a community that
daughter had found that support. Although helped me tremendously," Amanda said. "I
Madalyn was by then 8, and far more aware Amanda had been initially reluctant to reach out couldn't think of a better place to work."
of her mother's struggle than she'd been during to the Support Community, she soon realized
Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 when
she was 28, Amanda fought it aggressively with
surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. She shaved
her head before her hair could fall out, and
kept up a brave front for her then-4-year-old
daughter, Madalyn.

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