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o the patient says, "Doctor, it
There's also "The Journal of Medical
hurts when I do this!" and the Humor - Stitches," which you can find here:
doctor says, "Then don't do that!",
featuring humorous things which happened
That's an OLD one, and the to real physicians in their practices.
physician's response should be delivered in
his or her BEST Groucho Marx impression.
Of course, the funniest things we hear are
often from people we know - or have even
There are two ways to approach the happened to us personally. When the AMA
craziness that comes with being part of a Alliance created the nation's first magazine for
physician family. You can cry.
physician families, we wanted to incorporate
a feature which would highlight the things
Or you can laugh.
that make us laugh.
Well, to be honest, you'll do BOTH - but
when you can choose, it's probably better for
your own mental wellbeing (not to mention
the wellbeing of those around you) if you
choose to see the lighter side and laugh
through the challenges rather than crying
over them.
There are a few "official" places to go to
find ways to laugh at life in medicine. My
personal favorite is ZDoggMD, an irreverent
Las Vegas hospitalist who mixes video with
music with rap with....well, anything else he
can think of to make points in the funniest
way possible. He promotes himself this way:
Slightly Funnier Than Placebo: Medical
Humor & Dope Rhymes. You can check
him out at or like
him on Facebook.
GomerBlog offers up "medical news" in
humorous and outrageous ways, including
this recent headline: "Mother Who Pushed
Child into Medicine Charged with Parental
Malpractice." They say they're "Earth's
Finest Medical News," but make no mistake,
they're all about making us laugh, kind of
"The Onion" for medicine. Check them
out at or find them
on Facebook.

Physician Family's "You Might Live With
a Doctor If..." feature is one of the most
popular in the magazine and is comprised
entirely of humor provided by readers. The
quarterly publication is available in digital
format at no cost at and in hard copy to members
of the AMA Alliance (which you can join
Here are some of our favorites from the
past 11 issues - because it is SO much
better to laugh at our crazy lives than feel
sorry for ourselves.

If your spouse rolls over in bed and says,
"Page me if you have any questions" and
then rolls back over and starts snoring.
- Brianna Leroy, Columbus, MO
If you've used DeBakey's for unclogging
drains and chip clips. - Jodi Renee, Birmingham, MI
If the physician in the family was told in first
grade he or she would never amount to anything because of poor handwriting. - Candace
Goldberg, Erie, PA
If your baby says "Uh oh!" every time the
pager goes off. - Deborah Lazar, Houston, TX
If you name your physician's pager "Voldemort." Or "Darth Vader." - Amy Longfield, Baton
Rouge, LA
If you've had an instant of panic when you
wake up and there's a man next to you in
bed. - Kara Smith Johnson, Chicago, IL

If your daughter puts "breathing tubes" in
her dolls. - Jennifer Grischken, Columbus, OH
If the doctor's snoring drowns out the sound
of the TV show you WERE watching together.
- Anon.
If a family member brings his x-rays to a
family wedding for a second opinion. - Jessica
Fraser, Phoenix, AZ
If your ski boots have been surgically sutured
for water resistance. - Sandra Calone, Exeter, NH
If your trash bags are tied with multiple
surgical knots. - Samantha Dirks, Sioux Falls, SD
If all your kids were conceived in on-call
rooms. - Shawn Ostrower, Hollywood, FL
If "Call" is a four-letter word in your house.
- Jillian Robertson, NY


Donna Baver Rovito is editor of Physician Family Media, which features a quarterly
magazine, weekly blog and strong social media presence. Physician Family was created
by the AMA Alliance to build connections and provide resources to physician families
everywhere, defining a "physician family" as any family which shares a roof with a physician.
Donna is married to general and bariatric surgeon Peter F. Rovito, MD, FACS, and is
mom to two sons: Peter, a graduate premedical student at Drexel Medical School, and
Tony, a senior criminal justice major at Penn State.
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