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in the Senate. As of the writing of this update,
SB 25 is awaiting consideration by the House
Professional Licensure Committee, as is HB 100.

exceptions. Due to the exceptions for physicians
without EHR systems, PAMED is neutral on
this legislation.

Both SB 25 and HB 100 would grant independent practice to certified registered nurse
practitioners (CRNPs). PAMED strongly opposes
any legislation that does not keep physicians as
the leader of the health care team. It's a matter
of patient safety! Learn more at www.pamedsoc.

As a result of House of Delegates policy
established in the fall of 2017, PAMED is
drafting legislation that would prohibit health
insurers and hospitals from using MOC as part
of their credentialing criteria. The language will
also prohibit the physician licensing boards from
using MOC as a condition of licensure.

expend time and resources to figure out what
alternatives are available as part of a patient's
insurance coverage. PAMED's Government
Relations staff are working to hold meetings with
lawmakers on this topic to identify sponsors and
co-sponsors of legislation that would reform the
drug formulary process to provide alternatives at
the time of prescription denial.

PAMED's annual Advocacy Day is scheduled
for Tuesday, May 22, at the State Capitol in
A roundtable discussion was held on Jan. 24,
Harrisburg. Let your voice be heard and talk to
2018, at the State Capitol and featured a panel
On Feb. 5, 2018, PAMED Past President legislators about important issues. PAMED memof physicians and CRNPs. The focus of the Charles Cutler, MD, MACP, an internal med- bers are encouraged to participate. Learn more
discussion was to educate House Professional icine physician from Norristown, was one of and register at
Licensure Committee members about the nature 26 members chosen from a pool of nearly 200
of collaborative agreements.
applicants from 42 states for the new Vision ASC TAX
Initiative Commission. The initiative, first
Gov. Tom Wolf 's 2018-19 state budget
On the national level, a day-long meeting to launched in September 2017, was created to proposes a 2.81% provider tax on ambulatory
develop a consistent strategy regarding scope foster a collaborative dialogue across a variety of surgery centers (ASCs) and endoscopy centers
of practice issues was held on March 20. The stakeholder groups. The Commission will then to generate $25 million on an annual basis. The
meeting at American Medical Association (AMA) present its recommendations and findings to the tax is proposed as part of the Human Services
headquarters in Chicago included representatives American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Code to provide additional dollars for Medical
from state and specialty societies nationwide.
and 24 Member Boards for their consideration. Assistance. PAMED supports specialty societies in
opposing this tax by urging members to contact
The AMA and others in attendance, including
PAMED is committed to and will continue lawmakers to oppose, stating that this tax will
PAMED staff, shared resources and ideas that are to advocate for practical, evidence-based, and drive up health care costs and put surgery centers
available to societies as we continue to develop affordable life-long learning. Learn more at www. at risk of closing.
successful, consistent strategies.
Session: We can expect that the budget will
More than 25 pieces of legislation regarding
Two bills - SB 780 and HB 1648 - would take up a great deal of legislative time during
opioids have been introduced. Legislation ranges establish a statutory definition for telemedicine, the reasonably limited number of days the
from Prescription Drug Monitoring Program mandate that telemedicine services are reimbursed, legislature is in session between now and June
(PDMP) requirements to prescribing limits. and prohibit "audio only" services (video must 30. The schedule is not unusual, as this is a very
PAMED is committed to ensuring legislation be available if either the patient or provider busy election year.
preserves the physician/patient relatonship as requests it).
well as allowing for the physician to treat his or
Elections: The Governor's race has three GOP
her patient appropriately.
PAMED remains optimistic that the General candidates heading into the primary race on
Assembly will ultimately pass a comprehensive May 15. The entire House and 50 percent of
Though there are quite a few pieces of legislation telemedicine bill during the current legislative the Senate are up for election.
regarding opioids, PAMED is highlighting HB session. On behalf of physicians who utilize
353, which has the potential to affect many telemedicine, PAMED's government relations
Register to Vote: April 16 is the last day to
members. The bill has seen final passage in the team, along with HAP, will continue to advocate register to vote before Pennsylvania's Primary
House and is in the Senate Health and Human for this critical piece of legislation.
Election on May 15. Visit for
Services Committee as of the writing of this
additional information, including applications
update. This legislation seeks an e-prescribing DRUG FORMULARIES
for absentee ballot, polling place location, and
mandate for Schedule II-IV controlled substances,
Under current law, insurers are not required voter registration. Voting is important to help
unless an exception applies. Emergency situations, to provide practitioners with drug alternatives ensure that your voice as a constituent, and as a
temporary technological malfunctions, lack of when a drug prescribed by a practitioner is physician, is heard.
access to the Internet/EHR system, and direct denied for not being in the patient's insurance
administration by a practitioner are listed as drug formulary. As a result, practitioners must
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