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L C M E D S O C .O R G

the implications involved at the interface of
society, neuroscience, and health by leading
research projects on poverty and pediatric
brain development at the Children's Hospital
of Philadelphia."
Elena says that for more than 50 years,
her parents shared offices on the first floor
of the family home practicing the "art
of medicine," seeking to contribute in a
positive way to the development of patients
and their families. Their patients were their
friends, and medicine became an integral
part of daily life. Telephones were constantly
ringing and their two waiting rooms were
"standing room only." They took their time,
focusing on each patient as if they were part
of the family. Elena's husband, Joseph Pascal,
MD, fondly recalls his first meeting with
his future mother-in-law. "She was cradling
a phone in one hand giving insulin orders,
while stirring the batter for a cake in the
other." At a time when women were a rarity
in medicine, Dr. Siegfried was a pioneer.
Elena says, "Our father was a storyteller.
His flamboyant, outgoing personality,
coupled with his colorful tales of his life in
the melting pot of New York's Lower East
Side, amused his patients and colleagues.
He never seemed to need sleep, spending
hours on end in the hospital or his office.
He welcomed thousands of babies into
the world, and cared for many patients
by serenading them with his rendition of
'Santa Lucia.'"

Elena Pascal presents the scholarship award to Lucas T. Wittman.
scarcity of low-cost sources of funding,
obtaining a medical education becomes
increasingly difficult.

to us, and we have encouraged them to also
contribute so the fund will continue to grow,
helping more students," says Elena.

Through this endowment, there is hope
for medical students to achieve their dream.
Today's high cost of a medical education "My husband and I are charitably inclined so
can sometimes prevent someone from when we reviewed our estate plan, we chose
attaining the dream of becoming a doctor. to give a planned gift to the Foundation.
The average, annual medical school tuition After our deaths, these assets will be used
and fees has risen from $16,301 in 1990 to continue this scholarship fund. My sons
to $46,963 in 2016. Coupled with the understand that this endowment is important

The Foundation, a nonprofit affiliate
of Pennsylvania Medical Society, sustains
the future of medicine in Pennsylvania by
providing programs that support medical
education, physician health, and excellence
in practice. It has been helping finance
physician education for more than 60 years.


and click on "Where are they Now" under Student Financial
Services to read about scholarship winners.

Call the Philanthropy Department at (717) 558-7846.

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