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Celebrating and Supporting

Pro Bono Month
at the MBA


ach year as the lush autumnal hues begin to appear,
legal organizations across the country turn their focus to
planning, promoting, and participating in events designed
to celebrate and enhance the work of generous pro bono attorneys.
The ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Services
launched a national celebration of pro bono efforts in 2009 as
a response to the increasing need for pro bono services during
difficult times. Although the official National Celebration of Pro
Bono will take place this year from October 21-27 (National Pro
Bono Week), many organizations, including the MBA, regularly
devote the entire month of October to this important cause. For
the 10th anniversary of this worthy initiative, the Montgomery
Bar Association has many exciting events planned throughout the
month to support the generous work of our members.
In an effort to both reward existing and encourage new
volunteers, the Montgomery Bar Foundation is proud to sponsor
the "EPIC-ly Grateful Raffle," providing all who volunteer for
the new Eviction Prevention and Intervention Coalition ("EPIC)
the chance to win valuable prizes in appreciation for all they do
for vulnerable community members at-risk of eviction. MBA
members can celebrate Pro Bono Month by committing to
volunteer for EPIC and receiving chances to win one of fifty $100
gift cards (sponsored by the MBF), all while helping hard-working
individuals stay in their homes. Here's how it works:
* Members who have already received training for EPIC, can
click the volunteer tab on their members' portals to find the
link to register for shifts from now through the end of the year.
One raffle ticket will be awarded for each shift taken!
* Members who have not yet received training for EPIC can
contact Nancy Walsh (
to make convenient arrangements to do so; once training is
scheduled, members can register for shifts and begin earning

raffle tickets, even prior to the completion of training (as long
as they commit to completing both training and shifts prior to
the end of the year).
* Raffle tickets will be awarded to anyone who registers from
now through October 31st for shifts from now through the
end of the year. Winners will be announced on Thursday,
November 1st.
Understanding that even when working with paying clients,
attorneys are often asked to go above-and-beyond the billable hour
to assist those in need, the MBA's Pro Bono and Solo/Small Firm
Practice committees are pleased to co-sponsor You are Not Alone
- A Lawyer's Guide to Social Services in Montgomery County.
Scheduled right in the middle of Pro Bono Week (Wednesday,
October 24th from 8:30-10:45 AM), this two hour ethics CLE is
designed to connect lawyers with the social services that can assist
with social or physical issues that can present during the course of
their representation. Presenters will touch upon scenarios such as
drug addiction, domestic violence, and elder financial abuse, as
well as ethical issues that may impact the attorneys' handling of
these situations.
Throughout that same morning, the MBA will be sponsoring a
"Thanks A Latte" Bar, in appreciation for the generous (and often
unseen and unsung) volunteer work of our members. Stop by the
MBA on Wednesday, October 24th, sometime between 8:00 and
11:00 a.m. (perhaps on your way to the CLE) for a fancy coffee,
sweet treat, and heartfelt THANKS A LATTE on behalf of the
Montgomery Bar Association.
For the generous members of the MBA, giving back is its own
reward...but sometimes we all could use a little extra support and
pat-on-the-back. Happy Pro Bono Month - and thanks for all
you do!
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