SIDEBAR Fall 2018 - 18



NOV. 9, 2018
Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel

Devote a Day to Your Profession
practice areas and leaders in the community - will bring a wealth
of information and practical tips for a jam-packed (and timeefficient) morning of learning.


et's face it - we're all busy. In today's environment, work-life
balance seems to be an ideal, not an actuality. Attorneys are
faced with unique professional challenges, making that ideal
even harder to achieve. Solo and small firm practitioners manage
all aspect of the business, from accounting to HR to marketing
and everything in between (not to mention the actual practice
of law) -- and clients' expectations are greater than ever. While
mobile technology and remote capability may seem convenient,
busy professionals are constantly "plugged-in" and find themselves
answering emails from the time they leave their offices to when
they fall asleep, thumbs attached to their smartphone screens. All
this while picking up the kids, preparing dinner, rushing to soccer
practice, attending home and school meetings, and attempting to
maintain some semblance of a social life.
We get it. We understand how precious any "free" time can
be. The Membership Celebration & Legal Symposium was borne
from our efforts to better fit into your hectic schedule. In one day,
you can rack up a bunch of CLE credits, learn about the latest &
greatest legal trends and services in the legal profession, catch up
with fellow members, and honor those who have practiced law for
half a century. All this in one convenient location: the Sheraton
Valley Forge Hotel in King of Prussia, PA.
The Membership Celebration & Legal Symposium begins at
10:30 AM with registration. Starting at 11:00 AM, you'll have
the opportunity to attend a variety of interesting and thoughtprovoking CLE programs throughout the morning. Planned
topics, representing interests of all sections of the MBA, include
medical marijuana law, social media ethics, jury focus groups, estate
administration, and many more. All-star speakers - experts in their


As we transition into the afternoon portion of the
Symposium around noon, boxed lunches will be served to fuel
you for the rest of the busy day. Attendees are encouraged to pick
up their lunches and bring them to the Centennial Ballroom
where the Family Law Section will host the 11th Annual Toby
Lynn Dickman Seminar, beginning at 12:30. During the
seminar, entitled "Family Law 2.0: A Child-Centered and UserFriendly Approach," President Judge Thomas M. Del Ricci and
Administrative Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio will provide
crucial updates to the practice of family law in Montgomery
County. The seminar will also feature a rotating panel of local
dignitaries, judges, and attorney experts. If you practice family
law in Montgomery County, this is a "can't miss" presentation.
While family law practitioners are immersed in the Seminar,
the Delaware Valley Legal Expo will be in full swing in the Grand
Ballroom and main corridor from 1 PM to 5PM. Stop by this
perennial favorite anytime to explore trends, devise solutions,
connect with colleagues, and plan for the future. Workstations
and free wifi will be available all day so you can take in a CLE
or two, work for a bit, grab lunch, and explore the Expo -- all
without leaving the premises -- or you can go "a la carte" and take
advantage of only the parts of the event that work for you.
After a day of learning, exploring and connecting, join us
for a new twist on the MBA's Annual Membership Celebration,
beginning at 5:00 PM (if you're coming just for the Celebration,
consider arriving a little early to catch the last bit of the Expo).
This year, we'll celebrate our 50-year members - and our shared
commitment to excellence in the legal profession - in a more
casual format, enjoying hors d'oeuvres, an open bar, more time
to socialize...and an early end to the day so you can get home to
your family, relaxed and ready to take on your weekend.
In the whirlwind of life, finding those extra days to do what's
necessary to stay at the top of your profession can feel virtually
impossible. Set aside ONE day (November 9th!) for us, and we'll
make it happen...and even ensure it's enjoyable. Join us for this
one-of-a-kind event!

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