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Pro Bono Month
at the MBA

or many, the month of October is all about pumpkins,
scarecrows, and cozy sweaters. For legal organizations across
the country, however, October is about celebrating and
enhancing the work of generous pro bono attorneys who embrace
the call to serve in countless ways. In 2009, The ABA Standing
Committee on Pro Bono and Public Services launched a national
celebration of pro bono efforts as a response to the increasing need
for pro bono services during difficult times. Although the official
National Celebration of Pro Bono will take place this year from
October 20-26 (National Pro Bono Week), many organizations,
including the MBA, regularly devote the entire month of October
to this important cause. This year, the MBA has many exciting
events planned throughout the month to support and celebrate the
generous work of our members.
On Wednesday, October 16th, the MBA's Pro Bono
Committee will sponsor a Pro Bono Appreciation Reception
for those members who have supported MBA and community
partner programs with their time and talents throughout the
year. This special event provides MBA and MBF leadership, as
well as members of the Bench, the opportunity to pause and
offer gratitude for the many members who demonstrate the true
nobility of the legal profession.
Understanding that the best way to support members' efforts
to give back is to provide the tools to maximize those efforts, the
MBA Pro Bono Committee is proud to sponsor a special Pro Bono
Month CJE/CLE on Wednesday, October 23rd from 2 to 4 PM.
This unique event will bring together MCCP Judges, Magisterial
District Judges, and other MBA members for a simulation exercise
demonstrating the complex challenges of reentry individuals,
followed by inspiring and challenging small-group discussions.
Led by Leslie Faith Jones, Policy & Advocacy Director of the
MC Public Defenders' Office, and Nancy Walsh, MBA's Director
of Engagement, Leadership and Community Outreach, this
workshop will provide an opportunity to explore a crucial access
to justice issue in a way that honors the true meaning of Pro Bono

Of course, the work of a pro bono attorney also requires
support of a different variety, and the MBA's second annual
"Thanks a Latte" Bar fits the bill. Throughout the morning of
Wednesday, October 23rd, all MBA members are invited to stop
by the Bar Building for some caffeinated support and a sweet treat.
While here, please take a moment to learn about all the exciting
and meaningful ways you can share your talents to serve the most
vulnerable members of our community throughout the year. In
honor of this important month, all members are encouraged to
commit to one shift, one event, one program, or even one hour for
the betterment of our community.
For those looking to give back while in motion, this month
the Pro Bono Committee is launching the return of the MBA
Running Team. Running Team members will be provided with
"team" t-shirts and, as their schedules permit, will gather at runs/
walks hosted by local community partners as a visible display of
the MBA's support of their organizations' work. If you've been
looking to dust off those running shoes, why not do so while
celebrating Pro Bono Month with other like-footed MBA friends?
For more information, contact Jennifer Whitehurst at jennifer.
For the generous members of the MBA, giving back is its own
reward...but sometimes we all could use a little extra support and
pat-on-the-back. Happy Pro Bono Month - and thanks for all
you do!

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