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Stradley Ronon Attorney Karl S. Myers was appointed cochair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Appellate Advocacy
Committee during the PBA's annual meeting on May 17 in
Lancaster, PA. Mr. Myers was also named vice-chair of the PBA's
Administrative Law Section.
Matthew W. Quigg, an associate at the Lansdale law firm
of Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg and Gifford, P.C., served as
a presenter at the "2019 Talking Criminal Law at the Beach"
Seminar given by the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal
Defense Lawyers on June 14, 2019 in Atlantic City, NJ. Mr.
Quigg also served as a session presenter at the 2019 Young
Lawyer Summer Summit given by the Pennsylvania Bar
Eastburn and Gray, PC Blue Bell Shareholder Robert R.
Watson, Jr. was featured speaker for two sessions of the
Associated Builders and Contractors Eastern PA Chapter's
Emerging Contractors class series. Bob taught two classes to
participating Chapter members, covering construction contract
provisions and standardized forms and legal issues.
Robert C. Gerhard, III contributed as a co-author to the law
treatise, Elder Law in Pennsylvania, Fifth Edition, published by
the PBI Press in July 2019. Bob lent his expertise to the chapter
on Pennsylvania's Medical Assistance (Medicaid) Estate Recovery
Wisler Pearlstine, LLP is pleased to announce that its Education
Law Department, one of the largest and most respected in the
state, has added three special education attorneys to its ranks:
Gabrielle Goham,Tracey Waldmann, and Macy T.
Wisler Pearlstine, LLP is also pleased to announce that
Christopher E. Ezold has joined the firm as Partner. He will
be a member of the firm's Business Department and an Assistant
Director of the General Counsel Initiative (GCI).


Marshal Granor, of Granor & Granor, PC with offices
in Horsham, PA, was elected Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar
Association's Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section.
Harry M. Byrne has been elected to the Board of Trustees
of St. Joseph's Preparatory School, the Jesuit High School of
Friedman Schuman, PC, a Montgomery County law firm,
takes pride in recognizing that one of their attorneys, Greg B.
Emmons, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of
"Bucks for Kids," a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization existing since
1991. The organization provides enrichment grants to foster
children under the supervision of Bucks County Children and
Youth to cover expenses for art, music, sports, camps, clothing
and special needs that are not covered by the County of Bucks or
are not within the budget of the Foster Parents.
Carmina Y. D'Aversa served as developer, editor, and
co-author for the second edition of the book, Tax, Estate, and
Lifetime Planning for Minors, recently published by the American
Bar Association Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section.
Seth D.Wilson, a partner at the Conshohocken law firm of
Morris Wilson, P.C., was recently a speaker at the Attorneys
Information and Exchange Group meeting in Charleston, SC
where he presented on Defective Product Designs That Invite
Crimes. Mr. Wilson was also an invited guest on "Executive
Leaders Radio" which aired nationally on Radio America on
September 1, 2019.
Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin is pleased to
announce that William G. Roark recently presented at the
Pennsylvania Bar Association's Solo and Small Firm Annual
Conference. His presentation was titled "Cannabis in the
Keystone State: where we are and how did we get here?"

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