SIDEBAR Spring 2017 - 11


purchase tickets, learn about sponsorship
opportunities, or to secure your space at
the reception by becoming a Fellow, visit today.
These Fellows have long been the
lifeblood of the Montgomery Bar
Foundation; without the consistent
generosity of these regular contributors,
the Foundation could not have reached
this impressive milestone. The Fellows
Program serves as a vehicle to publicly
recognize the Foundation's generous
contributors and to encourage increased
participation throughout the community.
Recent improvements, announced this
past fall during the annual appeal, have
infused new energy - and welcomed
new Silver, Bronze, and Contributing
Fellows - into this important fundraising
As the Foundation celebrates its
rich history, it works to ensure an even
more impactful future. In addition
to continually developing the ability
to advance the cause of justice in
Montgomery County, Foundation
Trustees have also committed to
enhancing their understanding of
County needs. To that end, the
Foundation enthusiastically presented
its first Access to Justice Summit on
April 4 at the Bar building. Attendees
included representatives from the Bench,
Bar leadership, pro bono attorneys,
social service providers, the business
community, and law enforcement
officials. The half-day summit featured
several speakers, a panel discussion, and a
moderator-led work session, as attendees
came together to support and advance
their collective efforts. The Foundation
will also use insights gathered from the
Summit as it seeks projects to support in
the future.
The Access to Justice Summit, a
new Fellows program, and of course,
LAWYERPALOOZA, along with the 30
years of giving that it celebrates, are all
proof of the truth we've long known...
of the truth which the Montgomery Bar
Foundation represents...


A Snapshot of 30 Years of Giving
1987 First Milton Moss award ($500) presented to Matt Peskin, founder of the
National Association of Town Watch and the Annual Night Out

Distribution of approximately 14,000 copies of "Check it Out," MBF's
handbook of legal rights for high school graduates to high school seniors
throughout the County


First grants made: ACLAMO; the Community Housing Services of Lansdale;
Laurel House; Norristown Hospitality Center; Lincoln School; People Caring
and Sharing; Domestic Violence Legal Network


Stefan Law Enforcement Award created - Sgt. Gary O'Connor of Lower
Gwynedd Police Department is first recipient. Grants to Bethlehem Baptist
Church/Wissahickon Faith Community Association for use in videotaping
their MLK program; Children's Aid Society of Montgomery County


Grants to Child Home Community, Inc.; The MBF Center; ACLAMO; The
Montgomery County Mediation Center; Women's Center of Montgomery
County; Family Services; North Penn Boys and Girls Club; Sharing & Caring


Launched School Poster Project to promote Montgomery County attorneys,
the MBA, and the positive effects of the legal profession on society;
Montgomery County Elder Law Handbook launched; Grants to MBF
Center; Child Home & Community; Developmental Enterprises
Corporation; Bethlehem Baptist Church/Wissahickon Faith Community
Association; People Caring & Sharing; NP Valley Boys and Girls Club;
Victim Services; the Women's Center; Eisenhower Middle School


Matched 100% up to $20,000 of MBA member donations to the September
11 fund


Three-year, $25,000 per year start-up fund commitment to MCAP


"Close the Gap" campaign launched to help Legal Aid, Montgomery Child
Advocacy Project, Victim Services and Women's Center make up funds
eliminated by new budget


Highest amount of grant funding awarded in a single year ($40,000);
recipients: Legal Aid; MCAP; Mission Kids; Laurel House; Victim Services;
Women's Center


High Swartz makes $5000 donation in celebration of their 100-Year
Anniversary; funds used to launch Coffee with a Cop program in Norristown,
subsequently expanded to other communities


MBA makes a $500,000 contribution to the Foundation

Regardless of the success of its history, however, Foundation leaders know that
increasing needs demand they are armed for a future of even greater impact. And
armed they are. Recent and upcoming efforts promise to ensure that the Foundation of
the coming decades will be both steeped in tradition and emboldened by a spirit
of growth and innovation.

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