SIDEBAR Spring 2018 - 21

MBA Catches Spring Fever:
The season for change has arrived


uthor and Business Education Guru
Phil Rosenzweig once said, "The only
way to make progress in business is through
change. And change, by definition, has a certain
amount of risk attached to it. But if you pick your
shots, use your head, and apply good management,
those rolls of the dice can turn out pretty." Recent
issues of SIDEBAR have included coverage of
some of the more meaningful changes the Bar
has implemented as of late
to ensure its well-being and
continued relevance both
to our members, and in
the communities we serve.
Significant enhancements to
our Lawyer Referral Service
and Modest Means Legal Access Program, our award-winning
Leadership Academy (now being piloted as a non-dues revenue
generator to third-party businesses and agencies), and increased
Access to Justice efforts, to name a few, are already capturing
widespread attention and yielding favorable results for both our
Bar Association and our members. While improvements to
committees, member services, and diversity efforts also continue
to take precedence, leadership turns fresh eyes to the Bar's annual
event calendar, where some important changes, focused on
increased member engagement, efficiency and impact, will open
doors for more exciting new initiatives, and the long-term success
and well-being of the Bar Association.
Often times opening doors for new programs requires doors
to be closed on others, so MBA President Mary C. Pugh had the
difficult task of taking inventory of the number of events the Bar
hosts each year. Rather than simply eliminating longstanding
events to conserve resources for new additions, and running the
risk of disappointing those who look forward to them each year,
leadership has taken a more creative and strategic approach to
preserving some of our time-honored favorites. By pairing certain
events and implementing minor format changes, the Bar hopes
to increase member attendance, while reducing some of the costs
associated with marketing, staffing, and hosting an abundance of
events at multiple venues. Moreover, by reducing the personal time
traditionally needed for members to attend multiple after-hours
events, over multiple nights, and at multiple venues, the Bar hopes
time-starved members will be more likely to engage and participate.

The first of these events will be a revamped Law
Day Celebration on May 1, which will combine a
feature CLE with the 38th Judicial District's Court
of Common Pleas with an enhanced program at the
County Courthouse, followed by a free community
barbeque at the MBA's restaurant.
Perhaps the most dramatic example of this fresh
approach will be seen on Friday, November 9 at
the Sheraton Valley Forge in King of Prussia
when your Montgomery Bar
Association will marry three
blockbuster events. The day's
events will begin in the morning
with The Legal Symposium - a
series of must-see CLE programs
held in cooperation with Montgomery County's Courts, and
several of the Bar's sections, committees and business partners.
Following the Symposium, attendees will be encouraged to join
hundreds of colleagues on-site for the Delaware Valley Legal
Expo, our popular "everything law practice" trade show with
live demonstrations, dozens of valuable door prizes, and over 60
exhibitors, co-sponsored by the ALA's Independence Chapter in the
adjacent ballroom space. Immediately following the Expo will be
the MBA's Annual Membership Celebration - a less-formal and fresh
twist on our perennial Membership Dinner, which draws hundreds
who come to mingle and pay tribute to the Bar's 50-year members,
distinguished judges and colleagues each year. The evening affair
will again be exclusively for MBA members; however, starting
earlier this year will allow you to be out in time for dinner, and not
having to take the time to change into formal attire should be easier
on everyone. Those attending the Membership Celebration are
encouraged to use that time wisely and arrive early to take in the
sights and sounds of the Expo. Of course, the promise of hundreds
of guests on location for all three of these high-profile events is a
winning lure for sponsors, and promises to deliver more new and
familiar faces than ever before. Be sure to put November 9 on your
calendar [right now].
Mindful of the growing needs of and demands on its members
and community, your Montgomery Bar Association hopes you'll
continue to step up and engage with us as we strive to "pick our
shots, and use our heads" in the interest of positive, meaningful
change, and as we set our sights on remaining at the forefront of a
profession in a world that never stands still.
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